Weeds S03E02 (Showtime)

The cable car ride from Highland to Lowland in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Nancy’s troubles are getting a bit better. Thanks to Heylia’s help, she is able to work with the gangsters and consolidate how much she owes them. She owes them a lot of money and this guy U-Turn decides to own her ass in exchange. It’s hard for Nancy, since both of her boys are at the police station.

Once more, this is a great episode. Things are slowly returning to a new balance after all the recent events. Silas and Shane are back home. Celia continues to explore her new single life. I highly recommend the new episodes, they are very entertaining.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy asks Marvin to kill Celia as well. She grabs a net and starts to get the drugs out of the pool. Marvin and Nancy are trying to find a way to dry the pot. It doesn’t work.

The police find Shane. They phone Andy.

Celia tries to get into her old house, but all the locks were changed. She is drunk. She has a bath and leaves. Dean and his daughter don’t pay any attention to her.

Conrad is in trouble still. Nancy goes to see her old friend Heylia. Conrad is her nephew. They pay off a debt. They leave Nancy with the gangsters to sort out her shit. She owes the gangster 150K.

Andy is in trouble as well with some hicks. They are going to beat him up. They think he is a pedophile since he is driving the van.

Doug confesses his love for Celia and they shack up. Doug breaks down after he has sex with Celia. He wants his wife.

Nancy picks up both of her boys from the police station. She goes home without saying a word and jumps into her swimming pool.

* * * * *

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