Weeds S03E03 (Showtime)

A sleeping panda bear at Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Nancy thinks her problems are almost solved, but she is wrong.

When the DEA come around, she has to find other ways of paying off her debt to U-Turn. She is pissed at her sons for making her life impossible. She has to take drastic measures to make more money.

Andy gets drafted into the army and leaves home. He thinks he is going for a cushy desk job, he is wrong. He goes through basic training to leave for Iraq soon.

I really enjoyed this episode. Things aren’t getting easier for Nancy, even though we thought that things had stabilized, Peter’s disappearance has interested a number of people. Nancy will find herself under scrutiny for some time. This will create problems for her. I recommend Weeds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy’s family is having dinner. She fires Lupita because she doesn’t have any money more. She tells them that they need to raise some money. She tells them that there won’t be any secrets anymore.

Celia is told by her money manager that she needs to latch onto her daughter Isabelle because of the money that she is making from her commercials.

Andy is trying to dodge out of the army again. But that doesn’t happen. He gets called back to the service. He gets a desk job at the army.

Nancy is in trouble. She goes see Doug. He tells Nancy that he slept with Celia. She hasn’t got any assets except for her house. She tells him to sell the house. She could net around 50000$.

Conrad is talking to Heylia to set up another grow-up. She agrees to rent a warehouse.

Celia tries to bond with Isabelle, but her daughter hates her. She receives a visit from Child Protective Services. Isabelle called them.

Nancy sends off her brother Andy. Silas is getting ready for his court date. Nancy brings the money to U-Turn. He isn’t happy. He sends her to be a drug mule for him. The guys from whom she is supposed to pick up the package make the situation unpleasant. They make her dance for it.

Nancy brings him a U-Turn a brick of pot. He ordered some heroin. He isn’t happy. He wants her to move the pot. She tells him that she will never be able to make the money he wants from the brick. He doesn’t care and adds the tab fro the heroin on Nancy’s debt.

Silas gets sentenced, but Nancy is late. She learns that Celia intervened and Silas receives come community service.

Andy hasn’t got a desk job. He is back in the army. He is going to be sent to Iraq.

Celia is in trouble with her attorneys. Dean receives almost sole custody of Isabelle. She only gets supervised visits with Isabelle.

Nancy is bagging the pot with her sons. A DEA agent arrives to talk about Peter’s death.

* * * * *

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