Weeds S03E05 (Showtime)

Nancy is working through her problems. She settles into a groove as she tries to pay off some gangsters. Andy is in trouble with the US Army and Shane’s summer class isn’t what he thought it would be.

For some reason, U-Turn is schooling Nancy in the ways of being a gangster and enjoys her Prius.

Another good episode, especially Andy’s return from the army. I wonder what will happen next to him. Nancy is slowly working things out, but she still has a long way to go until some normalcy returns to her life.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Doug is meeting with Andy. Andy is AWOL from the Army.

Silas just finished dealing some pot for Nancy. She is being followed by the DEA, so she can’t deal. He has to do this so that Nancy can pay back her debt to U-Turn.

Shane’s summer class turns out pretty fun. That’s before he learns that it’s Christian summer school and hates it. Nancy turns in her profits to U-Turn. Marvin walks in and is shot up in the ass. Nancy is designated as the chauffeur.

While driving around, U-Turn takes the opportunity to do a drive by shooting in Nancy’s Prius.

Nancy’s new boss is bribing Doug and Celia so that the sewer from Majestic gets built. Doug got a golf membership and Celia got a house.

Andy turns up at Nancy’s. She is scrubbing Marvin’s blood out of her backseat. She turns him away psychotically and Andy goes to see Sanjay.

Andy makes a meeting with the army dudes. He gets an honorable discharge in exchange for his silence about the drone.

U-Turn turns up with a chest that he will stash at Nancy’s house for a while. Nancy looks in the chest and finds that it is filled with heroin.

* * * * *

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