Weeds S03E06 (Showtime)

Nancy is working off her debt, but hits some problems when U-Turn continues to want to instruct her in gangstering. Things really end up surprisingly after this episode. What will happen next?

Mary-Kate Olsen makes her debut as a community worker who enjoys weed. Her acting is interesting and surprising. The stash of heroine is creating problems for Nancy as she hosts a party for Sullivan at her house.

This was a great episode and I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend Weeds just like Californication.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Andy is back home and Nancy shows him the stash of heroine that she has to hold onto because it belongs to U-Turn. Hopefully Andy doesn’t try to do something with the dope.

Nancy gets a call from her boss; she needs to put together a party for tomorrow. Nancy orders her brother to cater the party for 1000$ while Nancy pockets the other 4000$.

Celia gets her house from Sullivan, Nancy’s boss. She got it as a bribe. Doug takes the opportunity to fire a few golfballs into her new house because he didn’t have the vision to ask for that much.

Nancy is talking to U-Turn. He says that he is grooming her to be his new lieutenant. He sends her to do an errand for him and leaves his dope at her place.

Silas is still doing community service. He is selling dope in a retirement home. Mary-Kate Olsen makes her first appearance as a community worker named Tara.

Nancy gets shown Helia’s new grow-up by U-Turn. He makes Nancy break a few things to make a point before leaving. U-Turn is schooling her in the ways of gangsters, it’s quite funny. The next day, he tests her on what she has learned the next day. Nancy thinks that it’s a game, but U-Turn shows her the error of her ways.

Doug continues to be a thorn in Sullivan’s side.

Silas makes friends with Tara. She spotted his dealing. She wants to hook up with him later on.

Celia tries to make-up with Nancy, but Nancy just pretends. Sullivan continues to flirt with Celia, but she doesn’t let him progress yet.

The next day, Silas meets Tara again and they smoke some weed and fool around.

U-Turn has a seizure when Nancy takes him cross-country running. Marvin takes the opportunity to take over and kill U-Turn.

* * * * *

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