Weeds S03E07 (Showtime)

Tropical fish at Atoll Reef in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Nancy wonders if U-Turns death will wipe off her debt, she is wrong. But she finds a way around the debt. Conrad explains his plan to her, but it’s too late for that.

Nancy is able to maneuver herself and broker a deal between the different gangs. In the end, this is pretty good for her. She is able to get more than she thought she would, but at the end of the episode, something nasty reappears from the earth and will cause problems for Nancy in the future.

Another excellent episode. I recommend Weeds, the plot twists are just incredible.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

U-Turn is getting buried in a Jacuzzi. Nancy is present at his funeral and pays her respects.

Sullivan wants Agrestic and Majestic to merge, but the town council knows of his deal with Celia and won’t budge. Celia suggests a referendum, this will bypass the town council.

Nancy wants to know if she is off the hook because of the death of U-Turn. Marvin is in charge now, and takes over. Marvin calls a meet with the Mexicans.

Shane tires to make a point at his summer school, who is promoting a Christian agenda, in violation with the separation of the church and state in the US.

Nancy is told by her pal that she just blew his plan apart.

Tara sleeps over at Silas’ place. Nancy tells her that Silas isn’t allowed to have sleep overs. She tells her that she is a virgin.

Andy caters at an adult film shooting. Nancy is asked by Sullivan to legalize his construction crew. Celia comes by for lunch with Sullivan. She makes Nancy gather the referendum signatures.

Andy invites Doug and Dean over to see the adult film shooting. The lead leaves because of stomach trouble.

Shane is being bullied into loving Jesus. He gets beaten up. He is saved by a girl named Amelia who reminds the bullies about the Lord’s words.

Marvin and Nancy show up at the meet with the Mexicans. Marvin looses control. Nancy takes over and tells Marvin to wipe out all of her and Helia’s debt in return she will hand over the heroin. The Mexicans want control of all of the drug business, even the weed.

Isabelle preempts Shane’s time with Amelia. Shane isn’t happy. Nancy distributes the new ID to the construction crew. She makes them sign with their new names the petition to merge Agrestic and Majestic.

The Mexican turn up to get their heroin and it works out. Nancy is amazed at her resourcefulness and planning. She is thankful. She comes back to the office with all of the signatures. She strips in front of Sullivan and wants to get it on with him. They have sex.

The rain unearths a nasty surprise with a badge.

* * * * *

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