City Homicide S01E06 (Channel 7 AUS)

Beautiful skies in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County on Monday during our day trip.

This week’s City Homicide episode examines what happens when journalists get involved in police investigations. What happens when ratings come into consideration when solving a murder case.

Simon has some trouble. He is having an affair with a woman he doesn’t really like and we discover more about his checkered past. Checkered because he actually punched a reporter out a few years ago.

The case turns interesting after some investment bankers get involved as suspects. I enjoyed this episode, it examined problems that the media creates for cops. Also, the preferential treatment that they get. Would a normal murder victim’s family receive visit from a superintendent?

I recommend City Homicide for it’s interesting cases and it’s excellent production values.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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A young woman is on a cell phone in her car. A jumper falls on her hood and she has a fatal accident.

Simon is having an affair with Lorraine. He’s pissed at her for showing up pissed late last night demanding sex. She’s Sparksie’s wife. He’s got to go work. The jumper fell onto the car and killed the young woman named Melinda.

The jumper is Charles Zawalski, husband of Petra Milde. She doesn’t miss a beat and continues to get ready for her show. She dismisses their concerns about suicide.

Simon is complaining about Lorraine, Sparksie’s wife, to Ryan.

Mapplethorpe and Duncan question a mate of Charles who was at a cricket reunion. The man Josh Braddock is working for an investment bank. He is about to get his annual bonus and asks for some discretion. He points them to Mr. Jeremy Sands, another investment banker. He says that he split from the group and they lost touch.

Paul Gee is next up the ladder. He confirms the story. The crew is suspicious.

The next day Mr. Sands is found murdered in his home, battered to death with a poker.

The members of the squad forgot to tell Amanda Cosgrove’s parents that she died. They turn up at the station and get the news from Wolfie.

Simon comes home and sees the messages from Lorraine. She says that she is coming over. Simon escapes to his mum’s house. He sees the report about him on Petra Milde’s show. She mentions the reason why Simon is pissed off at Charles Zawalski. Charles published an exposé on him and his sister, a minor at the time, arrested for petty theft.

Wolfie and Bernice get some more heat from the assistant commissioner. Simon is relegated to a desk. Josh Braddock comes by to see the squad. He wants to come clean. He says that Charles died in the bathroom at the hotel suite. They wanted to dump the body, but Josh chickened out.

Josh thinks that Paul got into a fight with Charles and killed him. Paul then killed Jeremy. Josh is scared that he is next. Ryan sends the crime scene guys to the hotel.

Simon’s sister tells him that their younger sister Caroline has been fired from work because of the incident that happened two years ago.

They find Paul. It’s time to interrogate him. He says that Josh is the one that killed Charles. Milde tells them that Charles was after a story with the bankers. Milde airs the point of the story immediately after the cops. They reciprocate by impounding her husband’s laptop. The story has something to do with fires.

Bernice forces Milde’s hand by blackmailing her. Wolfie asks her to help Simon’s sister. Milde said on air that she knew who the arsonist is to try and smoke him out. It’s Josh and they take him into custody. Braddock says that Zawalski was blackmailing them. Bernice takes some pleasure in telling Milde.

Celia tells Simon that Caroline got her job back. Lorraine comes by the door. She leaves a letter telling Simon that she is dumping him.

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