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Expectations are high for the second season of Heroes. After last season’s shocking ending, speculation has been rife for the second season of the most popular new show of last year.

The spin-off Heroes: Origin will air in 2008. Meanwhile, NBC has scheduled 24 episodes of Heroes.

Originally, when the series premiered it attracted 18.4 million viewers, which is enormous. I was actually wondering how the new season would start off. Would it move years or months into the future or would it continue the storylines of the past season. In fact, the story continues and it’s nice to see that the loose ends will be tied or even developped further this season.

Nathan is no longer a politician. But what happened to Peter? At the end of the episode, we find out a few clues. We are introduced to a few new characters, including to one played by David Anders. Claire is back in school and Molly is living with Parkman. Some of the characters are working together to infiltrate the company.

Anyway, to read the full details with spoilers, scroll downwards. A lot of different things happen in an episode. I really enjoyed it and I am still surprised at how popular this show became. Thankfully, it’s really well made and can appeal to a broad range of people. I recommend Heroes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dr. Suresh is approached by a stalker wanting to offer him a job. He isn’t interested really, but the stalked does give compelling arguments. Suresh is talking giving a lecture about a plague that is hitting the heroes and targeting them alone. He thinks that it’s a disaster, because humanity will be deprived of an new evolutionary advantage.

Maya and Alejandro are being pursued in Honduras by the cops. They have been running for 800 miles. They are on their way to find answers in America. They are being pursued for homicide.

Claire and Noah Bennet are in California. They are discussing the need to remain anonymous in Costa Verde. Claire is about to start high school. Claire jockeys to get a car from her dad and he relents by giving her a ride.

Hiro is still in feudal Kyoto, Japan in 1671 during an eclipse. When the arrows are about to hit him, he is able to freeze time. He is also able to save his hero, Takezo Kensei from death. He teleports him away.

Parkman is still a cop in Manhattan. He is going through an obstacle course to qualify as a detective after getting shot four times last season. He qualifies and gets his shield.

Maya and Alejandro meet some coyotes to get them nearer to the American border. They accept the deal and price way too quickly.

Parkman is still the guardian of Molly. Molly is drawing symbols over and over again about her dreams. They aren’t pretty.

Hiro’s father is in Manhattan. Ando is with him. Ando bumps into a bearded man, it’s Nathan Petrelli. He is waiting for the return of his son. He finds Kensei’s glyph on a newspaper clipping of himself. The newspaper came from his office. It’s a mark of death, he says he’ll be dead in 24 hours.

Nate is still mourning for his brother. He is drunk and in despair. He doesn’t want to see his mother, who is at his place. He calls his mother evil and wants her to disappear. As Angela leaves, she finds the same mark of death as Hiro’s father found.

Hiro is greeted by a drawn katana as he teleported away. He finds out that the man isn’t Kensei. Kensei takes off his mask and Hiro sees that he is a white man, not Japanese. He is played by David Anders best known for his portrayal of Julian Sark in Alias.

Bennet is late for his job at Copy Kingdom.

The stalker is part of the Company that was founded by people with abilities. They weed out the monsters and try to help the others. The stalker knows that Suresh has Molly. He wants to offer resources. The man can turn metal into gold that is where they get their money from.

Parkman wants to talk about Molly’s dreams, but she gets really upset and yells at him.

The coyotes want more money and they leave Alejandro in the jungle and take Maya.

Claire longingly looks at the cheerleaders. She wants to be one of them. Her dad doesn’t want her to be one. Claire has a hard time respecting her father’s wishes. She does a jump when no one is nearby. She breaks her foot.

Molly’s nightmares continue. Molly tells Parkman that if he goes after the man in her dreams, he will die.

Bennet makes it clear to his supervisor that he needs to leave him alone.

Kensei is an Englishman. Kansei means sword saint. Hiro is changing the past and Kansei doesn’t save the village of Otsu as he was supposed to.

Hiro’s father wants Ando to leave, because he thinks he is about to get assassinated. He tells Ando to get a sword for him. Angela turns up. They talk about the threats.

Hiro has trouble convincing Kansei to be a hero. In fact, he didn’t do as he was supposed to.

Bennet and Suresh plan to bring the company down. That is why Suresh has accepted to work for them.

Alejandro catches up with the truck and finds the coyotes dead. In fact everyone is dead, thanks to Maya.

Claire calls Nate. He doesn’t really want to talk. We see that Nate sees Peter’s disfigured reflection in the mirror. West is spying on Claire, he has superhuman abilities as well.

Hiro’s father knows his assassin well. He has come for him before Ando returns and kills him. He kills him by running towards him and taking him over the ledge of a building. The assassin then disappears, much to Ando’s chagrin.

In Ireland, robbers find Peter still alive. He is chained to the wall and has full control of his powers. He is wearing the glyph around his neck. He doesn’t remember who he is.

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