Kid Nation S01E02 (CBS)

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It’s time to see how CBS will exploit kids again in their insane new reality TV show, Kid Nation. The more I watch it, the more I’m convinced that the studio execs thought of Survivor while creating this show. In fact, the kids even have tasks and challenges to win things. Sound familiar?

It’s actually surprising to see these young American kids on TV. They have strange ideals. They talk about leaders and stuff that I don’t really think I talked or thought about at that age. From Emilie, it looks like the kids are under pressure to stay at the “camp”, which is how I’ve come to think of it. It ressembles a camp, that is filmed for TV. That’s pretty much it. There isn’t anything interesting about that really.

I find it hilarious that the producers decided to put “nerdy” kids in charge. Normally at that age, the popular and athletic kids rule the schools. The nerds with glasses are no where near the top of the social food chain in schools. This has already created problems in their community. That’s another word that the little kids keep repeating, I don’t know why. To me it looks like these kids are forced to grow up too quickly.

This show is like watching an accident waiting too happen. I just wonder if CBS will yank it off air in the middle of the season or let it run its course. I definitely don’t recommend it, in fact I view it as child exploitation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The journal suggests that the kids should kill a chicken for meat. They put it to a vote and the kids aren’t happy about it. Greg says that he worked with a butcher for a year. They take a vote and decide to kill a few chickens.

The animal lovers lock themselves in the chicken coop. Greg kills the chickens. He knows all about chickens. They make a sort of chicken stew. They are all excited about eating chicken.

Emilie, the head animal lover is really upset and wants to leave.

Taylor encourages her team not to do their job in the kitchens. The rest of the town is doing all of the food. It’s really cold and the water pump is frozen. The kids pour boiling water over the pump to unfreeze it. It works and it was Michael’s idea.

It’s time for the next showdown. The blue team, thanks to Greg and Blaine, win the showdown to become upperclass. Red is in second place. Yellow is in third place. Green is in last again. The greens didn’t finish in time and the town looses the big bonus prize.

Yellow is still not doing their jobs. Greg and his team help Sylvia in the kitchen. Mike is suspicious of Greg’s hard work.

Some of the younger kids start a stuffed animal daycare. Mike wants to know where Emilie is. She is with the chickens.

The council has to decide who to give the golden star to. The council is split between Greg and Michael. Greg says that he needs the money, since he hasn’t got any money to put aside for college. Sylvia brings up a sore point with Taylor and her team, who are very lazy. The council gives the gold star to Michael. Greg isn’t happy about it and thinks the council insulted him.

* * * * *

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