Catching Up On Prison Break And A Few Other Things

The Lover Bridge of Danshui (淡水鎮) in Taipei County.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I didn’t finish watching the second season of Prison Break. It was probably because I moved away right when the second season started. I didn’t watch any back episodes. I did however manage to store all of the episodes.

With the third season of Prison Break in it’s second episode already, I have a lot of catching up to do. The thing is that I don’t really have time to watch 15 hours of telly on the weekend. However, I hope to have it all done within a week or so.

Prison Break is really gripping. I wonder what happens in the third season. I can’t wait.

There is a good chance that I might be heading back to Quebec for a few months next year. It’s either going to be in January or in May, it will depend on a few factors. I’m actually looking forward to cleaning up things that I just left when I came to Taiwan. You see, we decided to leave for Taiwan on the 18th of August 2006. We wanted to leave in mid September, but all of the schools that we had applied to wanted us in Taiwan a lot earlier than that.

So we both ran around like crazy, doing errands here and there, managing to not finish a lot of them in time. I’m looking forward to going back and finishing them and settling things in Quebec for once and for all. The last time I lived in Quebec was in 2003. I spent a few years in Montreal. I’m looking forward to picking up a few things that I left in Quebec and shipping them over to Taiwan. Essential things like my CDs, my vinyl records, my turntables and my DVD collection. I would love to ship my comic collection, but I think that they are safer off in storage. Hopefully, later in 2008, we will be buying a house in Canada, where we will be able to store our things. I will probably arrive with empty suitcases and take as much as I can with me on the plane back to Taiwan. I’ll have to check cost VS viability, ie if it’s cheaper to buy used turntables here than shipping mine over, I’ll just do that. I’m really looking forward to playing with my vinyls again, it’s been a while and I regret not taking any of them with me.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t make much sense storing things for very long amounts of time, because the value of furniture and such will be eclipsed by the cost of storage. I plan on keeping only essentials, things that have personal value.

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