Missing Photoposts

One of the missing photos from Phuket at Promthep Cape, one of the best views of Phuket.

I’ve just gone through part of my 9991 photos in my Zooomr account and realized that there are a lot of photos that I haven’t posted from this year, starting out with most of the photos taken in Thailand and Hong Kong in February and March 2007. I remember that Zooomr was down at that time and that photos weren’t uploading. I seem to remember that it took a few months for the situation to work itself out.

By that time, other problems had surfaced and I kind of forgot about them. One good thing is that all of those photos are uploaded, so it’s just the matter of posting them on the blog. Some of them have been added to my facebook photos, so if you are in my network, then go ahead and see them. Otherwise, I’ll post them here in a few days, once I create some sets.

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Thailand Chronicles

My travelblog from when I was traveling around Thailand during the Chinese New Year in February 2007.

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport And Into Bangkok
  2. Wat Phra Kaew, The Grand Palace, Wat Pho And Some Shopping
  3. Nathon Pathom And Phra Pathom Chedi
  4. Ayutthaya
  5. Back To Bangkok
  6. Arrival In Phuket And Ao Chalong
  7. Ao Chalong
  8. Ao Chalong, Hat Rawai And Hat Patong
  9. Hat Rawai, Hat Kata & Hat Karon
  10. On Thai Companionship And Languages
  11. How To Bypass The Taxi Mafia
  12. Crazy Scare
  13. Liveblogging Or Sort Of From Airports
  14. How To Bypass The Excess Weight Charge At Airports

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