Moonlight S01E01 (CBS)

The Lover Bridge of Danshui (淡水鎮) in Taipei County.

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show and CBS thought that Moonlight would fit the bill nicely. While watching the show, I enjoyed the tidbits that made reference to Veronica Mars.

The show stars Alex O’Loughlin as a private investigator named Mick St-John. He is also a vampire. After Angel and Forever Knight, it seemed that CBS decided it was time to renew the subject. In fact, I actually think that this show is pretty similar to Forever Knight. It uses the same premise, a vampire private investigator. You’d have thought that they would try something new.

Naturally, Forever Knight aired on CBS as well. I honestly can’t stand Ghost Whisperer, since it’s basically a rehash of Medium, but I did give this show a try. I wasn’t expecting much, maybe that is why I didn’t find the show too back. I didn’t really like the plot of this episode. I’ve read scathing reviews of this show, but I wouldn’t put it down that much.

It’s not bad, but it’s not great. It draws a lot from past shows, that had a similar premise. The relationship that Mick has with Beth is interesting and obviously pivotal to this show. It isn’t as bad as Flash Gordon, certainly.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This show starts with an interview with a vampire named Mick St-John. Mick is a PI who hunts criminals. He tells the interviewer all about vampires; their weaknesses and strengths. This is one of his dreams. He sleeps in a freezer.

Beth is a webcast journalist for Buzzwire. She is at a crime scene. The woman was found in a freezing fountain at 2AM. She has bite marks on her neck.

The girl was a student at Hearst college (that too is from Veronica Mars. The producer is Joel Silver, the producer of Veronica Mars!). Beth’s story was successful and she is put on more stories on vampires.

Mick goes to see his best friend Joseph, a vampire. He is 400 years old. Joseph is played by Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars. I go to admit that I was surprised to see him in this role, but it was a welcome change from his teen drama role in Veronica Mars.

Mick goes to see his guy at the morgue who deals him blood. He also checks up on the body of the student. He doesn’t smell a vampire and the neck bite is too clean.

He has been waiting for a while to get into the dead girl’s place. He finds Beth there as well. The girl has strange jewelry. She had some necklaces with Egyptian hieroglyphs from an ancient blood cult. Mick finds a minuscule vial of blood hidden in her necklace.

Beth and Mick meet up again at Kelly Foster’s funeral. The funeral is filled with Goths. They are studying with Kelly’s social anthropology professor. Beth wants the vial, and Mick relents. He smells the slash that the student Chloe made at the prof’s neck. He knows the smell. It’s from the vial of blood.

Chloe tells Beth that he has been running a blood cult at the university, filled with sex, blood-drinking and other pagan rites. Christian believes that he is a real vampire.

Mick investigates the prof Alice. He pays a visit to his wife. She is pretty unhappy with Alice.

Beth sits in on one of the prof’s lectures. She weasels herself into the “study group” by pretending to be a visiting student from Berkely.

Mick continues to investigate the prof with an impromptu interview with him. He wants to know more, but the prof doesn’t let him in. Beth questions the detective and finds out that Chloe and Kelly were enemies. Both were sleeping with the prof.

Joseph wants the vampire stories squashed. He tells Mick. Chloe gets a visit from a man hidden underneath the prof’s vampire mask. She gets killed.

Beth Turner is the girl that Mick saved 22 years ago. Coraline had taken her to eat. She was the woman who turned Mick.

Beth puts a bug on so that they can record what happens during the study group. The TA leads her through some obscure passages while Mick finds Chloe’s body. Beth arrives when the session ends and Christian tells her that he likes having some one on one time with the initiates. While feeling her up, he finds the microphone. When she runs away and gets to the TA, the TA plunges a syringe into her and knocks her out.

Mick comes flying in to find Beth. He confronts her. He shows the prof his fangs and he freaks out. Mick warns him off and runs after Beth. He catches up to the TA and assaults him on foot. He flings him around a bit and causes an accident. This happens while the TA is driving away with Beth in tow.

In the past, Mick saved Beth from Coraline. He fought his sire. He put flames to her body. Coraline was his bride. She made him into a vampire.

Beth wakes up and she remembers Mick from her past. He denies it, but he is glad to be connected and touching a human being again after 60 years.

* * * * *

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