Myanmar’s Military Opens Fire On Peaceful Demonstrators

Things are going to hell quickly in Myanmar, formely known as Burma. Actually quite a lot of people refer to it as Burma.

The military has started shooting on peaceful demonstrators. At least 200 monks are reported arrested in clashes in Myanmar.

The UN’s special adviser on Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari arrived there on September 29th. He was quickly whisked away from populated places to far into the interior of Myanmar.

From the Bangkok Post:

Rangoon (dpa) – Burmese state-controlled media on Friday admitted for the first time that the military regime was at loggerheads with rebellious Buddhist monks in Pakokku, in the central region of the country.

The New Light of Myanmar, a government mouthpiece, acknowledged that security personnel had clashed with hundreds of protesting monks on Wednesday in Pakokku, 530 kilometres north of Rangoon, and were forced to disperse the demonstration by firing over the heads of the monks.

The monks were protesting against fuel price hikes implemented last month, and the arrests of more than 100 anti-inflation protestors in Rangoon in recent weeks.

The state media also confirmed reports that Magway Division military officials had visited the Bawdimandine monastery in Pakokku on Thursday and had their vehicle burned by 50 stone-throwing monks. The government officials spent several hours in the monastery before making their getaway.

Before Friday, the government-controlled press had kept quiet about the rebellious monks of Pakokku, a centre for Buddhism in Burma.

Meanwhile, according to eyewitnesses in Pakkaku, monks on Friday attacked the Nay La Store owned by a prominent government official and allowed a mob to sack the place.

Buddhist monks have a long history of political activism in Burma, a predominantly Buddhist country.

The monkhood played a prominent role in Burma’s struggle for independence from Great Britain in 1948 and joined students in the anti-military demonstrations that rocked Burma in 1988, which ended in bloodshed.

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