New Beginnings

I love the blues, but the bottom needs to be lightened with Photoshop. Taken in Danshui.

I’ve started working at a new buxiban in the afternoons and early evenings. It’s pretty convenient, since it’s about 5 minutes away and the classes are no stress.

In fact, in the beginning I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it, so I didn’t really commit to anything and delayed the paperwork until I was sure that everything was all right.

In the afternoons, I teach 3 K1 kids. This is what I like about teaching Kindergarten aged kids. Playing, drawing, talking to them and having a lot of fun. At my main school, it’s not like that. I feel that the kids know less English because it’s a bilingual school. In fact the K3 kids that I am teaching now have a lot poorer English than the K2 Happy Marian kids I taught during the summer.

Right now, I just have to deal with it until I leave. I am unsure what will happen next year, but I foresee a few months back in Quebec to finish up a few things.

The Kindergarten kids that I teach at my main job don’t play enough in my opinion. K2 is like 1st grade. Kids should be having a lot more fun, playing outside and running around instead of sitting for hours on end on their chairs and trying to learn a new language, while at the same time learning BoPoMoFo in their Chinese classes.

When learning languages, there should be a concentrated approach. I don’t think that taking the mornings to learn one language and then taking the afternoons to focus on their Chinese studies is very effective. In fact, this also happened at the bilingual school where I was teaching. It’s just too much for the kids. Especially if they have to learn curriculum that comes directly from American schools, without having any focus on ESL learning.

When you learn languages, there is a choice to be made. You can’t have everything all the time. It is endemic here in Taiwan in the language schools. I prefer working in all English schools, it’s much easier because the students are grounded in a lot of English, instead of trying to learn multiple languages at once. The best way is immersion, which is how I learned French at a very early age.

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