Survivor China S15E02 (CBS)

Incredible sunlight through the clouds in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County.
I’m glad to see that CBS chose some good survivors this time around. It’s so easy to make bad choices in these types of shows. They decided to put together a lot of conflicting personalities. It’s great fun to watch.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

For one, Dave is totally out of his depth, bossing the other survivors around like they are children in the Zhang Hu tribe. For one, adults don’t like to be bossed around that much. For two, Ashley clearly dislikes him a lot. She doesn’t take well to his condescending attitude. He makes his tribe make a firepit instead of starting some fire for rice. Most of the tribe is pissed at that, but he works hard so this kind of redeems him in their eyes.

Over in Fei Long, people are upset at Jean-Robert for being so lazy. He tells in a VT that it’s part of his strategy to appear lazy and then if he contributes, it will be looked at favorably. I think that he is shooting himself in the ass. He is on everybody’s shit list and if there was an eviction, he would be sure to go.

Fei Long wins the reward challenge and gets some fishing gear. They also get to kidnap a tribemember from Zhang Hu. They decide to take Jamie. She also gets a special message to deliver to one of the members of Fei Long. It’s a clue to the hidden immunity idol. She decides to give it to their weakest link, Leslie the Christian radio host. The clue says that the idol is hidden in plain sight. There is a close-up of one of the tribe gates and we see the idol hidden as a decoration on the top of it. Leslie is none the wiser.

She decides to tell Todd, who is stoked at this prospect and plans to keep it for himself.

The immunity challenge was pretty interesting. Giant wooden balls were shot through a slide into a muddy pitch and the survivors had to compete 3 against 3 to push it into a goal. Many of the survivors who participates showed some skin. In fact, Amanda pushed the wooden ball into her goal topless. Most impressive was Jean-Robert and James, who took on easily three of the survivors while the other member of their team pushed the ball into the goal. Fei Long won and Zhang Hu is back at tribal council.

Ashley made a tactical mistake. She didn’t discuss plans with her tribemembers. This was a serious mistake, because her tribe had already discussed who they would evict beforehand. It came down between Ashley and Dave. Ashley acted like Survivor was a WWE wrestling match and called out Dave during the tribal council. It was too little too late, though she was pretty entertaining, she made it known that she would be voting for Dave. It didn’t matter, because as Jeff read the votes out, she got 4. She was the next evicted survivor.

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