Eureka S02E10 (Scifi)

From my Fire In The Sky Series, taken earlier this week, on Monday the 1st of October 2007.

Zoe wants to get a tattoo and Carter is watching his diet, while eating a pizza. While making plans to go out on the weekend, Zoe and her friends loose their voices.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

At GD, Zoe bends over at the wrong time and Carter sees her tattoo. He isn’t happy. At team is running tests on Carter’s house. Carter discovers that a glass has broken. The glass was supposed to be unbreakable.
Jo’s date with Zane isn’t going well. He is belittling her. She isn’t happy.

Something happens to Allison while she is in the shower. Her skin starts to become bioluminescent. It’s also affecting her nervous system. Carter visits a scientists working on this phenomenon and takes a sample.

The blood in the aquarium of the scientists turns to blood. There is also a big hole in his filtration unit. Stark tells Carter that Allison has about 12 hours left to live, because the bioluminescence is acting like a neurotoxin. Carter finds the connection with the unbreakable glass.Larry is reading up on religion. The reverend is giving out books to everyone who wants them. Carter goes by the church and finds it filled. He thinks it’s the reverend. Before becoming a reverend, she was a physicist. In the end, they find that it has something to do with sound.

It turns out that it’s the musical director at the church, who researches sounds. She’s opened some form of rift with sounds. Stark tries using Allison’s son to cure her.

Carter guilt trips Diane into staying and repairing what she’s done. They switch off her generator and this stops the epidemic. Stark discovers that Allison’s son is able to control the Akashic field and that he is evolving.

Zoe’s tattoo was a fake but she wants to get a real one. Jo and Zane make up.

* * * * *

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