Field Trip To Ikea

I really don’t know what the school owners think when they decide to book a field trip to Ikea. It’s really strange. I think it’s because it’s free, nearby and Western. I also think it’s a public relations thing, to pick up new students. I saw the principal talking to a few prospective parents.

All photos taken with a Sony Ericsson K810i 3.2 MP camera phone on the 2nd of October 2007 in Sinjhuang, Taipei County.

We left the school by 10:35 and because of traffic arrived at 11AM. That meant we had no more than an hour in Ikea. I am the sole foreign teacher in the mornings, so I got to show three classes of Kindergarten kids (K3 and K2) around. After the bathroom break, it was already past 12AM. Technically, that’s when I finish. I should have just taken my scooter to Ikea and then driven home or had lunch there.

In the end, I punched out at 12:45, 45 minutes later than I was supposed to. I decided to have lunch at Ikea anyways and drove back there. It was on my way home. I rarely eat any breakfast so lunch is a big meal. I had soup, a Caesar salad, lemon chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes and an almond cake. I took a sandwich for later.

I spotted a Sym RV 250, I think it’s a 2006 model.

The field trip messed up my schedule, because now instead of having 90 minutes break I only had 25 minutes. I means that I now have to rush to my other class. Thankfully, it’s only an hour long.

Lisa a K2 kid looking pretty cute. She’s 4.

The kids waiting for the school bus to go back to school.

Nicole, one of my K3 students looking pretty cute.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Joanna. This is her smile. When asked to smile, this is the face she does. Obviously something is up. In class, she smiles normally, I guess it’s got to do with the camera. It’s pretty messed up. I couldn’t believe when she made that face.

Talk about strange. In fact, double strange. I have a total of two Joannas in various classes. It’s strange, because my wife’s name is Joanna. The Chinese teachers like to call the student Joannas my little wives, it’s funny. The kids barely get it.

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