Californication S01E08 (Showtime)

This week’s episode of Californication examines a few different events in Hank’s past. Something tragic just happened to Hank and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Hank takes his usual self-destructive loop, including alcohol, drugs and for the first time hookers. He gets himself into trouble and Charlie bails him out. We see how Hank’s relationship with Karen was slowly grinding down and some of the significant events in that process. This leads to Hank and Karen reconnecting in a way that they hadn’t for a long time.

This episode builds on upon Hank’s character and how he became the man that he is today. While dwelling on the past, he is actually able to complicate his life with his ex even further. I wonder where this will lead. This is a great show, I recommend it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Hank is trying to write while drinking a bit. He gets a call from his sister. We see a flashback from when Hank’s Porsche was new. He was picking up his dad from LAX. His dad died.

Hank is drinking in a bar. He is hitting on a girl named Trixie. Karen comes by to give him some comfort, but he doesn’t want it.

We see when Tom Cruise was shooting Hank’s movie. Carr was there.

Hank is doing a line of coke on Trixie’s ass. He learns that Trixie is actually a prostitute. He hasn’t got any money left over after buying the coke.

Hank is having dinner with his father and his family. Hank was making fun of Karen’s clients. Hank is pissed off at his father because he wants to go see one of his floozies in San Diego. Karen tells him that his head is up his ass.

Hank is getting beaten up by the prostitute’s pimp. Charlie comes by to bail him out. Hank doesn’t want to go to his dad’s funeral.

His father tells him that he doesn’t look happy. He was happier the year before. And even happier the year before.

We switch to the time when Hank’s relationship was winding down with Karen. Karen has been hanging around Bill a lot. It makes Hank angry. Hank had gotten a letter from his dad and never opened it. He takes the time to do this in the present. Karen walks in and reads the letter. His father talks about love and Hank’s writing. They make out. They have sex.

* * * * *

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