City Homicide S01E07 (Channel 7 AUS)

This episode of City Homicide deals with the death of a very young child. From the start, it was quite possible that the main suspects had Münchhausen syndrome or even Münchhausen by Proxy syndrome. Actually I suspected the mother of having Münchhausen by Proxy or Fabricated or Induced Illness disorder.

Things also heat up in the office when Ryan gets a glimpse of a naked Mapplethorpe in a mirror when he picks her up for the case. Freeman gets finally some news from Claire. They split up a few episodes ago and we haven’t heard from her yet. She’s been falling down the slippery slope of drug consumption.

The father of the deceased is also an interesting suspect. They get clues and reports that something is not right with him. After looking him over a few times, they find out his secret.

It’s another good episode for City Homicide. As usual, the production values are top notch and the cinematography is beautiful. I was surprised that some of the actors were a bit weak, essentially the one playing Mrs. Palmer and the one playing Claire. They didn’t portray extreme emotional states very well. My guess is that they need to experience them before being able to act them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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There is a birthday celebration for a young child. Something happened.

Mapplethorpe is late again for work. Ryan picks her up and gets a peak of her naked bum in the mirror. They go to the morgue and find out that the child was smothered. They inform the distraught parents.

This episode is once again beautifully shot. The images and shots tell a story that doesn’t need many words. After getting their assignments from Wolfie, Mapplethorpe asks Ryan out for a drink. He gets all tongue tied and awkward and Mapplethorpe wonders why. Back home, she finds that Ryan left the spoon in the cat’s bowl. She looks around and sees that the mirror gives a direct view into the bathroom, where she was naked this morning. She finds the situation funny.

This episode is filled with noisy close-ups. They come up empty on the interviews. Wolfie tells his squad that the mother was married before and both of her previous children died of SIDS.

Freeman gets contacted by the drug squad. They tell him that Claire was arrested. They tell him that either she wears a wire or she goes to jail. Claire has a drug problem and screwed around while she was with Duncan.

They get a warrant to arrest Marian Palmer. The acting of some of the female leads is a bit over the top. Claire and Marian are a bit weak actresses. They have problems portraying women freaking out in emotional states.

Mr. Palmer is informed about the two children who died before. The strikingly beautiful arrest officer is there named Karen. She’s blonde with blue eyes and a lot of attitude. Wolfie allows the Palmers to see each other. The husband is distant and questions her about her dead children. Karen gets smacked in the head when Palmer freaks out on his wife and beats her. He tries to strangle her but is handled by the cops. It couldn’t have gone worse.

Wolfie is disturbed by what happened today. He feels that he failed in some way. Bernice says that she will support him whatever happens. Wolfie looks at a bottle for a few seconds before putting it aside. He talks with his wife before falling asleep. We learn that his wife had a stillborn baby.

They question Jeffery again and he says that he saw Palmer kissing Rabina. Simon and Ryan got to talk to Mr. Palmer, the newly minted pedophile. They find out that this has been going on for months. Rabina says that she loves Palmer. Rabina says that she likes older men. Palmer tells the cops that he has been having sex with Rabina for six months. Rabina confesses that she killed Jack so that Palmer had nothing to hold him back.

Simon is upset at Palmer and lets him know.

Duncan is told off by Wolfie for getting involved in his girlfriend’s drug charges. He tells him that he won’t be assigned to the drug squad for her case. He tells him to stay uninvolved.

Mapplethorpe and Ryan have a drink. She confronts him jokingly about seeing her naked and he agrees. He asks her out but Mapplethorpe tells him to leave it for now.

They get a call from Simon. Palmer has been killed by his wife.

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