Tim’s Story

I’d like to tell you a story about a little boy named Tim. He is 5 years old and is in a preschool which offers English classes in the mornings.

Tim is a cute little boy. He is smart when he pays attention, caring and attentive. He is a bit of a joker as well. He enjoys having fun. Tim isn’t slow or anything like that, he’s just in his own little world. He is a dreamer. He spends most of his time tracing letters or symbols in the air. The foreign teachers think that he will write nicely in a while because of all the practice he gets. He has a very hard time focusing in class. Maybe he has ADD, maybe he’s just a little kid who needs more playtime, who knows?

Most Taiwanese teachers don’t like him, because he doesn’t really listen. It’s not that he does anything bad, it’s just that the message doesn’t really reach him all the time in his little world.

Tim doesn’t like the Taiwanese teacher that much. He is just out of K1 and is used to having loads of fun. Now he is forced to sit down most of the time and learn things from the teachers. He enjoys the games and does well, but has a hard time following all the time.

Tim really hates his Taiwanese homeroom teacher. Each time he acts out or doesn’t listen, she hits him. She gives him smacks on the head and hands. The smacks sting and Tim cries out in pain. Sometimes, he only has to stand for 30 minutes or raise his hands above his head for 10 minutes.

Recently, the teacher has taken it to a whole new level with Tim. She takes his arms and twists until he cries in pain. She has also taken to pinching his shoulder hard enough for him to cry. He is most afraid of the office.

When he goes to the office, the Taiwanese teacher goes with him. In the office, Tim gets smacked around even more. The teacher likes it because no foreign teachers can see what she does to little Tim. She’s always careful not to leave any marks. The other teachers know that this is part of the school’s policy. He usually comes back into class in tears and clutches his arm.

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