Tell Me You Love Me S01E04 (HBO)

A Japanese Pokka drink that I like.

Palek learns something new about Carolyn and he isn’t thrilled about this. Carolyn has a tendency to keep things to herself and not share them with Palek. Dave finally goes to a therapy session. It isn’t a roaring success, but at least he came and some progress was made.

Jamie isn’t doing so well. She finally realizes that her relationship with Hugo is probably over and clings to the thought of that. She also starts therapy with Dr. Foster and we learn a few new things about her.

Two of our couples meet. Dave and Palek meet at a construction site one which Palek is the architect. Dave comes by to show him a few proposals. I really enjoyed this episode. It’s too bad that HBO shows have such a short season, but hopefully the show will get renewed for next year. I still believe that it’s very close to Dogme 95 shooting. I was sure that Jamie and Hugo would resolve their differences, but it looks like they are truly separated. Their wedding was canceled and they are no longer living together.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

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Carolyn is at a pharmacy. She buys some pregnancy tests and immediately tests herself in the bathroom there. She looks worried. She freaks out and rips the tissue holder off from the wall.

Dave tells Katie that he will meet her at the therapy session. Katie is surprised. Dr. Foster is happy to see Dave at counseling. She asks him why he came. He can’t express it into words. Dr. Foster asks about their anniversary. She implies that she wants to know about their sex life, but they avoid the subject. They talk about the anniversary present that Dave got for Katie. It’s the purple Teddy that their daughter picked out. Dave confronts Katie about her behavior in an incident. She was disappointed in him and said “But what?” repeatedly. He freaks out at having to explain his lack of desire. He says that the whole routing is just draining with the kids and all.

Jamie finds Hugo at his job. Hugo tells her that he felt that they were on drugs the whole time that they were together. He says that he is in detox and feels right. He thinks that they are doing the right thing. Jamie doesn’t agree. She says that she loves him and wants to be with him.

Jamie is getting a tattoo. She has trouble adapting to her new situation. She has sex with one of the other sous-chefs.

Carolyn meets Palek at his site. She tells him that she took the pregnancy test and that she isn’t pregnant. Carolyn confesses that she got an abortion years ago. She thinks that it might have messed with her plumbing. Palek is shocked to find this out.

Katie has Isabelle checked out by her family doctor. Isabelle started her period. She’s 12. The doctor tells her that the average age for periods has dropped from 14 to 12 and will continue to drop. There are too many environmental estrogens, in milk, meat and other foods.

Carolyn goes to her therapy session with Dr. Foster. Palek is late and stuck at work. She tells May about the abortion. She tells her that Palek is ignoring her calls. She demonstrates it.

Palek buys a suit while Carolyn meets the guy who got her pregnant.

Katie cleans out her kitchen and tries to remove the environmental hormones.

Palek meets Dave. He is a rep for a company and is bringing some proposals to him. Later Dave and Katie talk in their bed.

Jamie meets Nick at the restaurant.

Palek comes home. Carolyn tells Palek that she wants to get artificially inseminated.

Jamie starts therapy sessions with Dr. Foster. She says that she was in therapy when she was younger. The result of the earlier therapy was that she defines herself by sex. Jamie tells May that she left Hugo because he couldn’t promise that he would not be with anybody else. May asks her if she is comfortable with monogamy. Has she ever been monogamous? Jamie says no. Immediately, a few minutes into the session, we get to the core of the problem with Jamie.

As she starts speaking with Dr. Foster, I understood the title. Tell me you love me, tell me about love. Talk about love with Foster.

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