Weeds S03E08 (Showtime)

Beautiful skies in Banqiao.

There is some fall back from the discovery of Peter’s body. Peter was married to Nancy before trying to extort her at the end of last season. He was also a DEA agent. At the end of season two, he got shot by some Armenian gangsters.

Sullivan is bugging Nancy for sex, but she’s not really interested. He continues to pursue Celia at the same time. Shane gets suspended from school. Andy continues to cater porn sets and finally gets a part. His fame doesn’t last long.

Nancy tells Heylia that her debt was wiped clean thanks to her. She buys some pot. Silas is moving it pretty nicely. For some reason, Nancy starts stalking Peter’s ex-wife. Another good episode. I liked how the show is progressing. Nancy is doing a lot better and things are almost back to normal. Nancy has got her sights set on Majestic as her territory.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Peter Scottson is found stuffed in a drainpipe. He was de DEA agent married to Nancy. He turned out ot be crooked. He is being buried. He was being investigated for a load of different illegal activities at the DEA. He was very crooked. His partner Fundis was trying to cover this up, but is put on the spot by his supervisor. Fundis is forced into early retirement.

Nancy is watching the funeral from afar. She gets a call from Sullivan. She sees Peter’s son.

Nancy pays Heylia a visit. She wants to see Conrad. She wants to buy some pot but Heylia tells that her that they only sell gross. She sends Nancy away.

Shane has been suspended by his school. She asks Doug for 50 grand to buy pot. He says that he can use some of the town’s money if she forms a dummy corp and turns it quickly.

Andy is still catering the porn set. He dreams of being in porn. The director asks him what is special about him. He thinks about his foot. He gets pegged as the foot f**ker and does a few movies.

Sullivan has sent a dress to Celia, it’s too small. Celia is signing her divorce papers.

Isabelle and Shane are smoking some pot in the backyard. Isabelle knows that Nancy is a drug dealer. Shane has a few puffs as well. They talk later on.

Nancy is spying on Valerie, Peter’s ex, and Tim. They shout a lot. Nancy follows them. She videos them with her phone.

Celia is examining her naked body. She is looking at her fake tits.

After a day, Andy is already washed out as a porn actor.

Silas picks up the pot from Heylia, after she decided to sell some pot to Nancy. Sullivan and Celia make out. She is self-conscious about her boobs.

Nancy sketches Valerie. Valerie knows who Nancy is. Nancy goes into the radiology clinic to have a mammogram. She wants to know why Nancy is here and why Nancy is stalking her.

* * * * *

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