Chuck S01E02 (NBC)

Part of The Sky Is On Fire In Banqiao Series.

Chuck is a series about an ordinary guy, who got kicked out of Stanford thanks to his pal Bryce, who is pushed into extraordinary circumstances. Chuck’s life is at a standstill. He works at a giant mart called BuyMore and is an assistant manager. Most of the time, he hangs around his friend Morgan.

Things change for Chuck when his ex-pal Bryce steals secrets from the CIA and sends them to Chuck. The secrets are encoded into images and get stored directly into Chuck’s brain. He becomes a sort of a human computer, with access to the CIA’s most secret files. Casey and Sarah, two agents from different organizations are tasked to keep Chuck safe.

In this episode the CIA and NSA want the secrets out of Chuck’s head. They use a scientist who helped develop this new storing process. Things don’t turn out as planned and Chuck ends up trying to pilot a helicopter. In the end, he survives by the skin of his pants.

This episode of Chuck was interesting. Yvonne Strahovski is the Australian actress playing Sarah Walker. I have to say that she is strikingly beautiful in this show. Chuck tries to attract a certain age group and Strahovski helps. I enjoyed this episode, but I wonder how well this show will do against its competition. I’m not sure that it will survive the network battles.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Casey (NSA) arrests a shoplifter from BuyMore. Sarah (CIA) is working next door at Wienerlicious. She is smoking hot and posing as Chuck’s girlfriend. They are both guarding Chuck, who is the repository of the CIA’s most secret secrets, thanks to his pal Bryce (who’s dead).

Sarah hasn’t told Chuck that she plans on bringing him to see Dr. Zarnow, the NSA’s top scientist to get the info out of Chuck’s brain. He gets some of the secrets out. The intersect images were never designed to be assimilated all into one mind.

Chuck tells Sarah that his sister wants to meet her for dinner tomorrow. One the way back, the doctor is assassinated. Or so it seems. The agents can find no body. Chuck’s sister tells him that Bryce is dead. He already knew.

Casey tells Chuck that he shouldn’t have any private meetings with Sarah. As soon as she IM, he goes to meet her. What would you do?

At Wienerlicious, a bunch of college boys are checking out Sarah’s ass. Sarah tells Chuck that the doc is dead. She shows him the phone that she lifted from the doc’s car. Chuck identifies it as an NSA incinerator, designed to disintegrate bodies. She tells him not to talk privately with Casey anymore. Casey knows something is up and he immediately goes to Wienerlicious. They duke it out but are interrupted by one of Sarah’s new fans.

Casey convinces Chuck that Sarah is a rogue agent. He believes him. As they make their way back to Casey’s Suburban, they find an NSA incinerator.

The dinner is fraught with awkwardness and Casey and Chuck realize that Sarah isn’t rogue. Sarah has an idea and tries to leave the party. When she arrives outside, Zarnow shoots her with some tranqs and they leave. Casey and Chuck are in hot pursuit.

Thanks to Chuck’s insight, they find Sarah. Chuck gets caught by Dr. Zarnow and they helicopter him away. Thanks to some help from Sarah, Chuck is able to land the helicopter after disabling Dr. Zarnow and the pilot.

Sarah is pissed at him for not trusting her. She warns him and storms off.

Chuck goes to Bryce’s funeral. He sees Sarah there. The next day, he meets her at Wienerlicious. They make up.

* * * * *

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