Kid Nation S01E03 (CBS)

The skies in Danshui(淡水鎮), Taipei County.

CBS continues its strange show that I still find a bit ethically wrong. But hey, it’s on TV right now. Greg is acting out and cursing after he had some fun waking everybody up the morning after the party. The younger kids don’t like the cursing. It makes them upset.

The town council thinks that the kids need a curfew. Taylor gets confronted about being so lazy and she has a little cry. She’s a bit spoiled and doesn’t like to do work. Her team also does the same.

I still don’t like the show. It’s a bit annoying and Mike is really an annoying kid. I’m just waiting to see Greg take power once he realizes that there are no adults around and that he could take over the town if he is able to band the older kids together under one banner. Will this happen? The older kids will get tired of getting orders from 11 year olds. Will there be violence? It’s gotten pretty heated already between Mike and Greg. Mike thinks that he can take Greg, but he is a lot smaller than him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The kids have a party at the soda bar. Olivia, Emilie and Mallory sat the party out. The next morning, the town council has trouble waking up the kids. Jared doesn’t appreciate Greg’s wake-up call.

The town council reads about laws and curfews. They decide to instill a curfew for 9:30 PM.

Greg spent time waking up everyone with Blaine. They get some complaints from the other kids. The town council decides to confront Greg. He starts cursing and cussing at everyone. Everybody is pissed off at Greg. Blaine has to restrain him.

Some of the younger kids are upset. The council informs the kids about the curfew. All the kids don’t like it. Who will respect it?

A few of the boys go hiking. Zach, Colton and another kid have fun. Colton confronts a bull and it runs away.

In the kitchen, the yellow team plays with flour and makes a mess. It’s time for another showdown. Thanks to Colton the yellow team wins the upper class. Blue comes in second and becomes the merchant class. Green becomes the cooks. The red team is the laborer class. The teams finish in time to win the big reward. The council has to make a choice between the microwave and the pizza. Mike wants the pizza. He’s acting like a spoiled kid. Taylor says that they need the microwave. She’s a strong kid because she stood up to the others.

Some of the kids say the curfew worked out well. Others don’t like the yellow team as the upper class. A dust storm hits the town and blows over some of the outhouses. Zach asks the older kids to tip over the outhouses. It’s dirty work but they do it.
During the town meeting, Taylor gets called out for being lazy. The kids pounce on her and she starts to cry. They call for an election, but they ask her what she will change. Taylor says that from tomorrow, she will start cleaning up.

They award the gold star to Mallory, who just turned nine. Greg isn’t happy.

* * * * *

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