Heroes S02E02 (NBC)

We still don’t know exactly how and why Peter survived. He is still in trouble with the robbers in Ireland.

We discover how Maya’s and Alejandro’s powers work, though nothing is certain. Claire continues to experiment with her powers, because that is the only way she will discover more about herself. Angela Petrelli is questioned about the murder of Nakamura. The Haitian makes a surprising comeback and Hiro continues his work in the past to correctly portray the mythos of Kensei.

Another great episode. The story is moving forwards on all fronts, albeit slowly. I keep wondering where Silar is. We know that he survived. He will probably make an appearance in the next few episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Claire is having problems laying low. Bennett knew that Nakamura would be killed. He saw it in a painting by Isaac Mendez. At school Claire asks a lot of questions in her biology class.

Peter is being beaten to find iPods.

Parkman is on the Nakamura killing and meets Ando. They find Angela Pettrelli’s prints at the scene and question her. The glyph is the symbol of her husband’s law firm. He gets into her head, but she is able to push back. Nathan Pettrelli comes by. He has come to bail her out. In custody, she gets attacked by an invisible assailant. He leaves his calling card; a photo of her with the glyph painted on.

Hiro is searching for Kensei. He finds him but he’s drunk. There is only one way, to take his place and do the heroic deeds himself.

Suresh is sent to Port-au-prince to investigate an infected man.

Alejandro and Maya make it to close to Mexico in Guatemala. They cross into Mexico, but get separated. Maya starts to cry and her powers switch on. Her tears are toxic. They sublimate into a toxic gas and kill everyone around. Her helper is killed. Alejandro is immune. He helps her to control her powers. He saves the helper, but she is spooked and runs away.

Peter is working on his bonds in Ireland. He still doesn’t remember anything.

Suresh finds the Haitian in Port-au-prince. He was working with the company. He saves him. He learns that Suresh works for the company and erases his memories. When he gets back, he talks it over with Bennett. The Haitian turns up at the shop were Bennett works.

Kensei’s princess is fighting the bandits by herself. Hiro arrives. He uses his powers to save her and to make things as they should in history. He finds the real Kensei and gives him back the armor. As he makes his way to save the princess, Kensei gets shot by the bandits. Hiro sees that Kensei heals all of the wounds.

Peter uses his powers without knowing to free himself. He saves the sister of his captor by using his powers. Peter gets forced into helping a robbery in order to makes things right. In exchange he will receive information about his past, thanks to all the personal effects he had on him when he was found in the container.

West corners Claire. She avoids getting involved but finds her car stolen. She tells her dad. After thinking things over, she decides to experiment with her powers again and cuts off a little toe to see what happens. Her pinky toe grows back and West saw this while he was spying on her.

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