Prison Break S03E01

I was out walking my dog Spike in the torrential rains from the tail end of Typhoon Krosa. I took my D200 with me. I packed in in a plastic bag that I knew was waterproof. I crouched and too a few shots. It wasn’t easy with the dog pulling at me, holding the umbrella and trying to focus. The results are OK, nothing spectacular. A tripod would have made this shot nice.

I finally managed to cathc up on all of the season two episodes of Prison Break last week. It was quite a ride. I enjoyed the pacing and the appearance of new characters, such as Pad Man, which leads me to believe that there is a lot going on in this show.

A year ago, once I knew that in that the second season would take place outside a prison, I wasn’t sure how good it would be. In fact, the show was excellent last season. We discovered a lot and the season finale was incredible. Just when we thought that all was good again, Michael gets put in a jail in Panama, Link gets exonerated and Mahone is in prison for smuggling drugs.

I’ll let my friend Wiki catch you up on the last events of the season finale of season 2.

Here is a quick recap at the second season finale’s last events off wiki:

Back in Chicago, Kellerman is being transported to jail. On the way there is a problem with the engine of the van and they stop under a bridge. Masked men emerge and fire several shots into the back.

At the Gatun Lake Panama Canal crossing, Mahone is stopped by police. They claim that the boat has been flagged for illegal activity. The police board the boat and find a large amount of cocaine. Mahone is taken away.

Lincoln and Michael walk through a rough forest track and find Chaco. He takes them to a dock with a small boat. Sara emerges from the boat and tells Lincoln and Michael about the exoneration. She tells Michael that under the circumstances he will probably not do any time for his crimes. Sara heads inside to get a drink, moments later Kim emerges and tells the pair the police are on the way. Michael offers him the money, which he kicks into the water. He then states that he only needs one of them. He then goes to shoot as Sara emerges with a gun shooting him in the chest.

The police begin to arrive and the trio run. Lincoln is split up from Michael and Sara, and as they run through the forest, Lincoln finds himself hiding in an old ship yard.

Sara and Michael find an abandoned shack but the police quickly surround it. Michael attempts to calm Sara. He tells her they still have their date coming up, and that they will simply explain their story and the police will let them go. They hug, share a kiss and say “I love you” to each other.

They leave the shack together, but Michael appears to take Sara hostage. He leaves Sara, throws the gun to the ground, and tells the police that he is responsible for the death. Sara screams that he did nothing, but they take Michael away into custody.

Lincoln searches for Sara at the police station. She’s been released and as he walks out he sees the back of her head disappear into a crowd of people. Someone appears to be following her.

Back in Jail, T-Bag seems relieved when a man from “The Company” meets with him. T-Bag tells the man that since they have Scofield now, the deal they agreed upon stipulates that he should be free by now. The man replies that since he got caught he could do nothing for him, he then leaves.

At night, Michael and Mahone are taken from a Panamanian police transport, in shackles.

On Long Island, New York at the fictional Basil Island Research Facility, the Pad Man stands in a white, sterile area. He is informed that Scofield has been captured, and is warned that he will eventually break out, adding that “it’s in his blood.” The General replies “that’s exactly what we want him to do”.

Michael finds himself in the Panamanian prison “Penitenciaría Federal de Sona“, or in English – Sona Federal Penitentiary. As he walks down the corridor, other inmates pursue Michael with their eyes. At the end of the passage, a battered Bellick lies on the floor. Bellick appears to have been raped as he lies unclothed next to a fellow prisoner, who is dressed in Bellick’s clothing. Michael steps through another doorway back outside and into the rain, approaching a blinding light as the season closes.

The first episode of season 3 was pretty good.

Michael is trying to figure out Sona and what he can do to escape. The company wants something from Michael. He was put in the prison for a reason, but he doesn’t really care. Life in Sona is pretty bad.

Season 3 starts out very strongly, with a lot of players in place to make another prison escape attempt. I like how the situation is reversed. Link is free and Mike is in prison. There is a lot of money that goes into each episode. That much is obvious. The cinematography is gorgeous.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Michael is in Sona, the worst prison in Panama. Link is trying to get him out, but he can’t do anything until the morning. In the morning Link is talking with the consul. The consul seems a bit too curious about LJ. He assures Link that Michael will be transferred to a safer facility and that the charges will probably be dropped. Michael would still face charges in the US.

In the morning, Michael sees Bellick in a bad state in the prison. Special Agent Alex Mahone is also incarcerated here. He was brilliantly framed at the end of last season. Michael meets Mahone. Mahone is freaking out, his addiction to drugs isn’t helping. Michael says he won’t help Mahone since he killed his father.

Link meets with Michael. Michael wants Link to find Sara. The last we saw her she was freed from custody and released by the Panamanian police. Link lost her in the crowd and she appeared to be followed. Sona is special. A year ago the riot erupted in the prison. It was so bad that the guards pulled out. The prisoners were left to their own devices while the military contained it. It’s been like that ever since.

They meet the man in charge. He knows of Scofield. He is wary of him. Michael sees Teabag. It’s a ragtag crew. Michael gets a visit from someone wanting to help him break out. He tells him that he was put in Sona for a reason.

Bellick is put to work cleaning up the latrines. They pin something on Michael. He’ll have to fight it out.

Link is looking for Sara without much success. Link gets a call that a body matching Sara’s description. It isn’t Sara.

Someone is listening to Michael’s conversation with the boss. He seems to be in solitary confinement. The mysterious man has an Australian accent and asks for Bellick’s help.

Link gets a call from LJ. He is in Panama. He says he got his number from the consulate and Sara. A strange woman is waiting for Link at the club.

Teabag makes his move on the boss. He kisses ass.

The message Bellick was asks to deliver was for Scofield. Bellick also gives something to the man who will fight Michael. It kind of reminds me of thunderdome in Mad Max. Two men enter one man leaves.

Michael distracts the man and goes for his kneecaps. Someone gives the opponent a shiv. When he tries to shiv Michael, Mahone interferes and kills the man.

The message wasn’t for Scofield. It was for a woman waiting outside. The messages were given to both men. One of them died so his body will carry the message outside the prison walls.

Link tells him that the man that they have to break out is named James Whistler. LJ and Sara are both being held hostage until Michael breaks this man out. He has a week.

* * * * *

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