Prison Break S03E02 (Fox)

We learn who Whistler is in this episode. It isn’t pretty and Michael still has to figure out how to break out.

At the same time, Michael needs to find a way to take the bounty off from Whistler’s head. If any of the other prisoners see him, they will kill him.

Things are really getting interesting early in this season of Prison Break. I think that it’s actually become better over the seasons. It’s another excellent episode and I wonder what exactly the company wants of Whistler. We will just have to wait and find out. This early in the season, the players in Sona don’t trust each other. Michael needs to make peace with everyone and rally them if he wants to escape from prison again. He has been told that once he is outside of the gates, all will be taken care of.

Sona has very little contact with the outside world. The prison has been abandoned by guards and security. It will be extremely hard to get out. On top of that, Michael hasn’t got very long to get a plan together. He has only a few days. It looks like each of this season’s episodes will chronicle a day in the lives of the prisoners.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

James Whistler is in prison for killing the mayor of Panama City.

There is a scuffle outside and one of the boss’ goons tips over the water meant for the prisoners.

The message Michael got says Versailles 1989 V Madrid. He finds out from Bellick that there is a man hiding in the sewers who wanted his message out. He finds him but is informed that if another inmate spots Whistler, he dies.

Bellick is at the bottom of the food chain. He wants help from Michael. Mahone gets the info about Whistler from a kid. The prisoner who kills Whistler gets out of jail. Bellick tells Sucre that Maricruz isn’t in Panama at all. He conned Sucre. Sucre leaves him.

Mahone goes looking for Whistler as well. He tries to kill him.

After meeting Michael, Link meets Sucre in Panama. Maricruz is back in Chicago. Sucre is leaving for Chicago.

Link sees an ad for Banco de Versailles at the back pf the bus.

Bellick tries to talk with Teabag. He wants to see Senor Lechero, the man in charge. We learn that Whistler is Australian. Bellick tells Lechero and he sends his goons to kill Whistler.

Mahone frees Whistler from the sewers and there is a standoff.

Lechero is blamed for the spilled water. A prisoner keeps edging the others along to ask for more water.

The woman was Sofia Luego, James Whistler’s girlfriend. She is there to meet with Vera Madrid. She is a signatory for the account. It is a safety deposit box. She grabs something quickly and puts it in her purse. Link follows her. He grabs the book. It’s a bird watching book.

Whistler is trying to escape from Mahone in the sewers.

Scofield asks for the kid’s help. He asks him to find alcohol and some plastic bags. He makes a bomb and sets it off in some pipes.

As Mahone comes up to the surface with Whistler, Lechero comes to talk. The prisoners are ready to get what they want from Lechero when they feel an explosion. Water comes bursting out of a pipe.

For getting water out of the pipes, Michael gets the bounty from Whistler cleared off. Lechero is thankful.

Sucre calls Maricruz and tells her that he isn’t coming back. He needs to keep her safe.

Susan threatens Link with a gun and dismemberment. He gives her the book. He could have taken her. He had already bought a similar guide and has given her the replacement book. The troublemaker in Sona is drowned.

* * * * *

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