Prison Break S03E03 (Fox)

Michael doesn’t see a way out and it’s already been three days. He has 7 to break out Whistler. He tries to find help in the prison, but Lechero doesn’t give him the time of day. He surmises that Link will have to find LJ and Sara and break them out. Link has got a few clues to try and find them.

Michael finally talks with Whistler and he finds out about the book and what it means. It’s a logbook of a location where Whistler brought a naturalist to take samples and readings. The logbook is the only way to find this location again. The company wants it desperately for some reason.

Towards the end of the episode, Link gets a nasty surprise for trying to break his family out and Michael tries to earnestly come up with a plan to get out of Sona. Another gripping episode, I can’t wait to find out exactly which body part is in the box. I think it’s a hand. I’m not sure. It’s large enough to hold a head. However if the company kills LJ, they loose their hold on Link. But since he moved against them, he needs to be taught a lesson. It kind of reminds me of the ending of Se7en.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sucre meets with Link. He wants to help.

Mike gets a visit from Link. Things are not going well. Mike tells Link that he hasn’t got anything to show for after 3 days. He tells Link that if he can’t break out Whistler, Link will have to break out Sara and LJ. Mike wants to talk with Sara, but the phones at Sona aren’t working. The only cell phone is in Lechero’s hands. Link shows Mike a Polaroid photo of Sara. She gives a clue to her location.

Madrid meets with Whistler. She tells him that Link has his book. She sees Link’s address in the prison sign out sheet. Whistler doesn’t tell her anything.

He tries to make a deal with Teabag. Whistler has a talk with Mike about the book.

Mahone is informed of his trial date. It’s next year. Mahone is freaking out.

Teabag takes the cell phone. Mike calls Link. Link is on his way to meet Susan. He tells Mike that Susan didn’t even agree to the phone call. Mike gets a call from Sara. He tells Link what he learned. The town she pointed at in her photo is the town that she could see from her window. She gives him further clues about her direct location. Michael then relays these to Link.

Lechero knows that someone used the phone because someone didn’t put it back in its cradle. He phones Link. Link doesn’t say anything. Lechero tells his boys to find out everything about this number.

Link finds Sara in Panama City in the red light district. He assaults the place but is too late to save his son and Sara. He sees LJ grabbed and pushed into a van. The van leaves with Link looking at it desperately.

Teabag is trying to play Lechero. It works right into his hands. He is doing so because Sammy knows something is up and that he told Teabag to watch his back. Teabag is poisoning Lechero’s mind about his men. It plays right into his paranoid state of mind.

Whistler tells Michael that he’s in prison because he was running a charter boat. One day, he got a call demanding to know exactly where he took a naturalist of some sort who took water samples and measurements. He said he couldn’t remember but then government types started snooping around. And then a bar fight led to his incarceration in Sona. The people who are trying to get him out demand that as soon as they do, he show them where he took that guy. The book is his trip log and the only way he can retrace his steps.

Link gets a call from Susan. She tells him she left him a little surprise in the garage. He goes down and finds something bloody in a cardboard box.

* * * * *

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