Reaper S01E02 (CW)

Reaper is a new series on CW. It premiered on September 25th 2007.

In this episode, Sam doesn’t want to deal with his new job for the devil. Meanwhile people are dying because of this. He has to do it and there is no way around this. The devil sends him constant reminders about his duties. Things don’t work out at the Work Bench either. He messes up and doesn’t get to work on the same shift as Andy, his new love interest.

Towards the end, Sam finally resolves a few issues and is able to capture another soul. It wasn’t easy, but he figured it all out by himself. This episode of Reaper was alright. The setting is pretty similar to Chuck, though between the two Chuck is definitely better. Both of the main characters work at these large retail stores. Both have something special happen to them and both are underachievers. It’s actually hard not to compare them. I like Chuck a lot better, though Reaper has it’s moment.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sam has his new gig and he doesn’t really feel like doing it today. But the devil constantly sends him reminders. The next vessel is following him around. They try and dump the box but it follows Sam.

He finds out that he is on shopping cart duty for the rest of the week with Andy. She is pretty happy because it’s easy. They can do anything they want if they bring back a few carts a day. The devil makes a little appearance to make Sam open the box. His friend Bert inadvertently throws an oil bottle at a customer. He falls down and both guys are punished with night duty for inventory. The supervisor tells them that it will take them a year at least to finish up.

The devil makes another appearance to nudge Sam into opening the box. He forces Sam to do his job. His dad feels guilty and gives him a new car. It’s a Prius. His dad wants him to keep the secret from his mom. In the box, Sam finds a remote controlled car.

They volunteer to deliver generators to the hospital. It has been struck twice by lightning. The devil mentioned that lightning has something to do with the damned soul they have to bring back. At the hospital, Sam touches a sign and gets electrocuted. The sign was hidden beneath a wall.

Sam goes online and finds out that the soul is named Arthur Ferrey. He was tortured every day in hell with electrical shocks, which is why he is electrocuting people.

Arthur Ferrey was an energy trader who was caught steeling electricity and selling it to other states. He died before he could be prosecuted. They find his trace again at the dam. They see him fueling up on electricity. Sam tries to get him but a car breaks the vessel in the process.

The devil tells him that he has to repair it, there aren’t any other vessels. He also says that the soul is after Sam now. Ferrey is after the guys. He corners them in the Work Bench.

Sam figures out that the vessel isn’t the remote controlled car, but the controller. He uses it like a lightning rod to imprison Ferrey.

Sam tells his mom that he is working for the devil as a bounty hunter. She is relieved to hear it. For wrecking the store, Sam gets pulled from the night shift and put on garbage duty. The devil gives Sam a solid and gets him put on yard duty. He finds Andy there.

* * * * *

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