Big Shots S01E01 (ABC)

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer Big Shots to Dirty Sexy Money. Is that saying much though? I honestly don’t know because I’ve come to realize that Big Shots is Desperate Housewives for men.

All the stories that make Desperate Housewives such a success with women have been transposed into Big Shots, trying to please men. You got men with affairs, men who are divorced, men having affairs with tranny hookers and men being cheated on by their wives.

That being said, the characters are a lot more interesting than Dirty Sexy Money. Big Shots has Michael Vartan from Alias playing James Walker. He’s very good but he was even better as a spy in Alias. Christopher Titus is in this show as well as well as a horny Dylan McDermott who spends most of the pilot trying to deal with his adult daughter.

Everybody is rich and powerful and the women are also beautiful. The main characters are too perfect in my opinion. Then again, this was the first episode so maybe they will develop faults as they develop throughout the series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Dylan McDermott plays Duncan Collinsworth the CEO of Reveal Cosmetics. Christopher Titus is Brody Johns the founder of Alpha Crisis Management. Joshua Malina is Karl Mixworthy the CEO Devotion Pharmaceuticals. Michael Vartan is James Walker the former Golden Boy of Amerimart Industries.

James just got fired from his job. He tells his mates. While waiting for the shrimp, a golf cart drives over James’ boss. He is dead.

The next day at James’ company, they wait to hear who will become the CEO. Karl is in couple’s counseling with his wife.

Duncan is going to be the entrepreneur of the year. There was a scandal in Yonkers. Duncan tells the story to his mates. He stopped in Yonkers for some coffee. A state trooper walked in and Duncan got arrested. The woman was a man. Brody tells him he has to track down the tranny in order to keep a lid on the scandal. Brody is afraid of his wife.

James is at his boss’ wake. His wife Stacey was having an affair with his boss. He knows this because she got the pendant that his boss had on his person.

Duncan is having lunch with his daughter. He can’t stand her and neither can she. She asks him for a job. Karl is having an affair with Marla. She wants to go to couple’s therapy with him because he does it with his wife. He goes to see the same therapist.

Duncan and Brody try to find the tranny hooker.

James is having a serious talk with his wife Stacey about his boss. He is talking about the affair she had with his boss. He leaves the house.

Duncan is having a pep talk in his company. His daughter repays him by mouthing off.

Karl wants to stop his affair but has trouble doing it. He tries to break up with her but it doesn’t work. She kind of freaks off on him. She threatens to tell his wife. He talks with his mates. At the same time, James tells them about the affair that his wife was having with his boss.

James is trying to score during his interview and almost gets dismissed. He makes a little speech.

Marla goes to see Wendy, Karl’s wife. Karl has to hire her as an interior designer.

Duncan is still seeing one of his ex-wives. He has a talk with about Cameron, his daughter. He wasn’t really there for Kim when she was growing up. She tells him that he needs to try more with her.

James has been named the CEO of Amerimart. Everyone in his office knows about the affair his wife had with the boss.

Stacey comes to Janelle’s party to talk with James, but he doesn’t really want to. Kim brings the tranny hooker to the party. Duncan pays her off and he handles the situation. Or so he thought. The tranny hooker taped it for the reporter.

* * * * *

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