Cindy And The Usual Suspects

Cindy’s mom is bad. She punishes Cindy!
As she says this, she hits her hand hard, to show how hard her mom hits her.

Cindy, a 5 year old K2 student.

We were talking about mummies and mommies in class. We were practicing the different pronunciations of those words. . I was saying that mommies are good, mummies are bad. Cindy told this to the class. She looked sad as she showed the intensity of the beatings she received at home.

Later on, I talked with the other foreign teacher. He tells me that he teaches Cindy’s brother Ethan and is aware that the mother beats them. There is nothing we can do. The administration fosters corporal punishment.

Cindy is part of what I like to call the usual suspects. She is the youngest in a class of 15 and does well. She’s got some minor pronunciation problems, but as she gets older, it won’t be a problem in my opinion. She usually doesn’t qualify for the full-on beatings or twisting of the arms. She gets the very hard whacks on her hands, legs and arms. She’s usually in tears by that time, but I guess she gets the same medicine at home. From the way she said it, it seems that she knows that it isn’t right, yet what can a 5 year old do in this situation? There are no counselors, no teachers who can make a difference. In the classrooms, the homeroom teachers rule. God willing, the administration is aware of this problem. They don’t consider it a problem. The homeroom teacher is tough. When I say tough, I mean that she likes hurting the kids. This class is rambunxious because they just graduated from K1. It’s been a hard reality check for them this year.

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