Dirty Sexy Money S01E01 (ABC)

For some reason, ABC shows have a transsexual hookers. I don’t really know why, but Dirty Sexy Money is one of them. Big Shots is another. More on Big Shots later today. I don’t know why they focus so much on tranny hookers. I’m sure that I’m using derogatory terms, but it’s just so ludicrous seeing it on not one but two ABC shows this fall.

Nick’s dad used to work for the Darlings, the richest family in NYC. That is until he died. Nick spent a childhood in the shadow of the Darlings and swore that he would never become like the old man. His mom walked out on them because of this. His father was a lawyer. He became a lawyer, but a different kind of lawyer. Naturally when asked by the head honcho Trip Darling to take his father’s place, he immediately agrees. Does that make any sense?

Basically this show is about rich idiots in Manhattan. There are a lot of elements from the Hiltons and other über rich families. I honestly don’t care that much. The show is so similar to Big Shots in more than one facet that I am surprised that the shows are on the same network. Usually this happens on two competing networks. Nick is trying to find out who killed his father.

I thought the pilot was bland and wasn’t really interested in knowing more about the characters. Still, I watched the second episode. It doesn’t get better. I think I’ll watch Big Shots instead.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Darlings are incredibly rich. Nick’s dad Dutch has worked from them for a long while. This split up his family. Nick’s mom walked out on him. He has lived in the shadow of that family for all of his life.

They try to go to the funeral but get stopped at the door. It’s become a publicity event. Donald Sutherland plays Trip Darling. He is finally let into the church.

Jeremy Darling is the party animal. His sister Juliet is the Paris Hilton wannabe. Karen is the drunk sister. Brian is the priest who hates Nick. Patrick is the serious one, he’s a lawyer.

Trip, the family patriarch, wants Nick as the family lawyer. The family squabbles. Brian really dislikes Nick and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Trip wants Nick and offers 5 million dollars a year to give away. Nick asks for 10 and gets the job.

Lisa his wife wants to know he is sure about this. Karen comes by his office to sign some prenuptial agreements. Brian is trying to get his kid into a prestigious school, but his way of handling things doesn’t work out. He calls Nick. It’s almost like a consigliere job for a mafia boss.

It’s a lot work because the kids get into a lot of trouble. Patrick is the DA.

The party is in full swing when Nick comes by with Jeremy. He was able to bail him out in time. He had gotten arrested for harboring illegals on his new yacht he won in a poker game.

Patrick is having an affair with a transsexual.

Juliet tries to kill herself because her dad bought her a play to star in. Nick tells Trip that he quits. Patrick ropes Nick into helping him deal with the tranny hooker.

Karen tells Nick that Brian has been requisitioning a lot of money from the foundation. The money was given to an airplane mechanic. Nick’s dad died in an airplane crash, his body wasn’t found. Karen tells him that Dutch has been having an affair for the last 40 years with her mother.

The police found a briefcase in a watertight box on the plane.

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