Dirty Sexy Money S01E02 (ABC)

It’s as I mentioned earlier today, Dirty Sexy Money is a lot like Big Shots. Between the two, I prefer Big Shots. Big Shots is like Desperate Housewives for men. Just look at the Big Shots wiki page. You have all the qualifications of the characters. My wife said it and I agree: it’s a mimbo show.

In this episode, Nick tries to find out more about his dad while trying to orchestrate the lives of the Darlings. They need a lot of help. The big drama is about Patrick and if he will run for the senate. Paddy doesn’t want to but his dad Trip really wants him to.

This episode was alright, again. I still don’t really understand the premise. The character of Nick is made not to want to work for the Darlings, and yet he acquiesces to working for them, exactly as his dad. He could have an affair with Karen and he’d be in the same spot as his dad Dutch, who was having an affair with Tish.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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This episode starts by visually comparing the morning routines of Trip and Nick.

Karen wants her fiancée in the photo chute to promote Patrick’s senatorial campaign. Patrick doesn’t want to run. Juliet and Jeremy are in her new hotel suite.

Brian is dealing with his bastard son.

Trip gives Nick a wad of cash to deal with the rest of the family for the photo chute.

Brian dumps his bastard son at Nick’s office.

The airplane mechanic Exley blackmailed Brian about of his love child.

Jeremy gets into the penthouse of Juliet’s hotel and finds Nathalie Kimpton.

Patrick tells his dad that he doesn’t want to run for the senate. Trip tells him that the tranny hooker can be handled.

Nick talks with Tish about his dad. She doesn’t think that Trip knew. She tells him if Trip knew it would be written in his journal. He goes to investigate in Trip’s office. He finds the journal.

Brian Jr’s mom has gone to Brazil and left the kid. Nick takes the boy to the photo chute. During the chute, Nick blurts out that he took the journal. He implies that he suspected Trip of arranging his murder. Trip is hurt, but forgives.

Nick is able to guilt trip Brian into taking his son.

Patrick is running for the senate.

Nick is able to open his dad’s briefcase thanks to Trip. In it he finds a lot of information on the billionaire Simon Elder.

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