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Journeyman is a copy of Quantum Leap, a very popular show from the nineties which also aired on NBC. The main character goes to the past and “follows” people to help them. The show is filled with paradoxes, but I’m not really going to get into those. See my previous post for more on the different problems that arise from time traveling.

Dan Vasser is a journalist with a problem. He disappears for hours or days into the past and resurfaces in the present later. He doesn’t know why this is happening to him, only that his previous partner Olivia is somehow involved. From the little that we have learned in the last two episodes, it seems that Olivia was pulled out of her timestream a long time ago. She isn’t dead. Dan correctly deduces that she might be following him, that is why he keeps seeing her. However he is never able to have a decent conversation with her, she always pops away. She also doesn’t seem to be aware of what happened to him after she apparently died.

This episode was interesting. It will only get more interesting if the storyline examines why and how Dan is traveling to the past. If left unexplored, it will just get boring. I’m going to give this show a pass until a few more episodes have aired to see where it goes. It’s also because I like Kevin McKidd.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dan is getting an MRI.

He is going away with his wife on a holiday. It’s been a long time since they traveled alone. It’s been a week since Dan had his adventure and nothing has happened.

His wife Kate is worried about him. She wants to know if they should have their second child. While he is in the bathroom, Dan goes back into the past. He ends up on a plane in the seventies. The stewardesses are hot and wearing skimpy clothing. Everybody is smoking. The woman sitting next to him breaks her water and is about to give birth.

In the present, Katie sees that Dan is missing. They can’t find Dan. Katie is in trouble at the airport. She tries to concoct a story about Dan leaving before the plane departed.

Dan wakes up at an airport. He arrives just in time to get Katie out of trouble. They talk when they are back home and Dan thinks that he returns to the present when he finishes a chapter in the lives of the people he follows. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, because if he is traveling to the past, not time should pass in the present. Anyways, let’s not get into another discussion about the grandfather paradox in this post. This show is fiction and let’s see it from that point of view.

When Katie and Dan talk she tells him that she doesn’t want a child now with him. He wakes up in the past again and sees Olivia. They don’t have a lot of time and Dan finds the woman whose baby he delivered in the past. Her daughter is 10 years old. The woman was fighting with her daughter Tanna because she didn’t tell her who her father was.

Back in the present, Dan discovers that his wife is taking contraception pills. Dan has trouble with his boss. Katie is talking with Jack, Dan’s brother. Dan finds that Diana Bloom died in 1991. He goes back to 1994. His only choice is to go back to his loft that he shared at the time with Olivia. As he takes some money and the phone charger, he sees himself get into the loft with Olivia. Jack and Katie are there as well. He manages to duck out. He hears Olivia and Katie talk about Dan. Both of the girls had a scare. They almost got pregnant. He is able to get out with the cellphone charger and a few essentials.

He finds Tanna at the same conference where he arrived. Tanna is about to chicken out instead of confronting Trevor, her dad. Dan intervenes to help her. Trevor thinks it’s about money. Trevor says that he had a one night stand with Diana and gave her 10000$ to move back home. Dan comes back to the present. The sequences are a lot shorter this time.

He confronts his wife Katie about talking birth control pills. He shifts to 1995 and sees Olivia again. Dan thinks that Olivia is following him. She doesn’t deny it. He has a lot of questions for Olivia, but she evades them and tells him to take her seat. He finds Trevor Mason.

He finds Tanna. Trevor Mason has leukemia and his only hope of salvation is a bone marrow transplant from his next of kin. He tries to talk with Tanna, but she doesn’t want to listen. He gave a bad bill to a taxi driver and has to run away from the cops. Tanna helps him out. The cop running after him was Jack, his brother.

He brings Tanna to meet her dad Trevor. She agrees to have a test to see if she is compatible for a bone marrow transplant.

In the present he finds Tanna Bloom to ask about her dad. She said that she wasn’t a match and that Trevor died in ’96. She was a match for Billy Marvel and she gave her bone marrow to save him. Marvel is alive and well.

Katie and Dan try to go to Portland again. They are informed that they are on a no-fly list. They can not fly. They decide to drive. Dan tells her that the MRI showed nothing wrong with him.

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