Eureka S02E11 (Scifi)

Carter and Jo are participating in a sexual harassment seminar. Carter asks Allison for the files on the accident that killed Kim. Allison wants Carter to find Bob Stone, the biologist who integrated the air con in Eureka.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Callie calls him. She wants to hang out at her uncle’s cabin. It freaked Carter out. Carter is getting hit on by a lot of women: Stone’s wife and Jo initially. Carter thinks it’s the heat. Jo kisses him. Carter knows what’s up. Taggart’s hormone cocktail.

Allison is worried about Carter’s investigations into the accident. Nick Stark doesn’t want Carter to know anything.

Carter goes back down into the sewers after something blew up the coffee shop. He finds Stone’s lunch box. Callie calls him again. He finds someone’s remains in the sewers. Allison and Dr. Young fight over Carter. They try to kiss him. Young was successful. Stone uncovered 9000 year old remains.

They test out Taggart’s research and it doesn’t work. They find a lot of hormones in Carter’s blood. Enough to endanger the women in Eureka.

Carter has a hunch and goes looking for Stone. They find him at his home. He is affected in the same way as Carter is. Taggart warns Carter that the female ate the male. They have to flee from the women. They find a strange dust in the bottom of the wolves’ cage. They examine the dust and find that it’s a spore of sorts. The spores affected Carter and Stone. Dr. Young thinks that she can find an antidote. They then find a different way of containing the spores, Henry’s asthma shield. They distribute it through the air conditioning.

Allison shuts Henry out of the artifact research he has been doing. Henry confronts Stark and he isn’t happy.

Carter thought that Callie’s invitation happened because she was influenced by his hormones. They talk at the end of the episode.

This town needs an enema!
Allison paraphrasing Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman.

* * * * *

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