Californication S01E09 (Showtime)

Hank receives royalties from his movies and is taken by surprise. He has money again and decides to spend it. A word from Charlie and he is back to driving something with style, not a beat up Porsche that he doesn’t really take care of anymore. He thinks that with the money he can fix his life, but he is mistaken. Bill comes back from a business trip and Karen is giving him the cold shoulder. Hank wants to pursue the relationship further, but Karen keeps saying no at every turn.

Thanks to Karen, he had started writing again. Karen doesn’t want to read it. He still gives his new novella to her. While they were together, Hank always had Karen read his writing before turning it over to an editor or an agent. Hank is living in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

Meanwhile Charlie is having trouble at home. His wife is no longer interested in him after the incident with his nipple. Charlie comes home and finds out that she is now playing for the other team with Dani. It’s another great episode of Californication. However, it’s really bad for Hank. Will he fall into a deeper bout of depression now that Karen has made it clear she is going to marry Bill?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Hank is back from his dad’s funeral. Karen is at the airport to pick up Bill, who has been gone for a month. Bill insists to drive Hank home.

When they come home to Bill’s place, they find Becca practicing with her band. Bill and Karen have a small argument. Hank hits on Karen again when she drops him off. Karen wants to forget it ever happened. Hank says that he wrote something in NYC, he stayed in New York just for that. He gives the pages of his new book to Karen to tell him what she thinks.

When Hank arrives home, he finds a check from the production company. He buys an engagement ring and plans on giving it to Karen. When Charlie hears that he wrote something, he tells him to get a new car. Hank tells him it’s about a man who unwittingly sleeps with a teenager. Charlie tells him that he will sell the shit out of it.

Hank goes to test drive a new Porsche and gets some extra service from the saleswoman on the side of the road. He picks up Becca and plans on buying her a kick ass guitar. Becca sees a rocker in trouble wanting to sell a sweet guitar with his young daughter. He plans on selling it. Becca makes Hank buy it for her. Hank overbids the guy by 1350%.

Mia sees Hank’s new novel and takes it to read it while Karen is distracted.

Charlie comes home to find Marcy a changed woman. She has been having an affair with Dani. Dani told all about Charlie to Marcy. Charlie’s life is in shambles now. He wanted to get back to where it all was before nipplegate.

Hank drops off Becca and finds Karen reading his novella, or so he thought. She says that she can’t read it because she can’t go back to that part of her life. Karen says that she doesn’t love him anymore and that he needs to move on.

On the way home, he gets car jacked. Mia is reading his novella and enjoying it. What will she do with it, publish it in her own name?

* * * * *

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