Tell Me You Love Me S01E05 (HBO)

In this episode of Tell Me You Love Me, Carolyn thinks that she is pregnant. We discover why John is so important to May and Arthur. Dave and Katie continue with therapy and make some progress. Jaime examines her life.

Not being able to conceive is hard on Palek and Carolyn. It’s hard each time that Carolyn takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she isn’t pregnant. May and Arthur discuss John. Dave and Katie get some ideas from May to improve their life as a couple.

As always, I found that the latest episode of Tell Me You Love Me was pretty good. I really enjoy the way that this show isn’t about actions or things, but about people, which rarely happens in American television. The show is also pretty roughcut and raw, which I like as well. It’s made me want to watch some Pedro Almodovar movies again. I recommend this show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

* * * * *

Carolyn is thanking Palek for agreeing to the artificial insemination.

Dave leaves for the therapy session, even though he said that he wouldn’t do it anymore. Katie tripped coming into the office. Dr. Foster takes the bull by the horn. They talk about the lack of sexuality in their marriage. She tells them to put a lock on their bedroom door. She says to spend a little time each day in their bed by themselves. Dave doesn’t really want to and considers it dumb. In the evening, Katie is surprised to see that Dave picked up a lock at the hardware store.

Palek and Carolyn are having their artificial insemination procedure. The doctor is reticent to tell them their chances to conceive. The procedure took a total of 2 minutes. Later, Palek is shopping and looking at a kid.

Jaime overhears a friend arguing about keys with her ex. Jaime is friends with Carolyn’s sister. Jaime hits on the ex and they decide to have drinks together. At the bar, they make out. They go back to her place for coffee. Jaime is talking with Anya’s ex about their relationships. Jaime says that she stopped playing sports in high school when she started having sex. He is about to leave, but they end up half naked on her sofa. Jaime stops him before they have sex.

The next morning, Palek and Carolyn get frisky. It’s a beautifully shot scene, with a camera suspended on the ceiling.

Arthur and May are moving their bed. They talk about John. May cheated with John on Arthur. May cancelled on the dinner date she had with John.

Dave and Katie are having a quiet night. Katie falls asleep on the sofa and Dave goes to bed by himself. Dave has installed the lock and uses it when he masturbates right before falling asleep. Katie wakes up later and goes to bed. She finds the door locked. Dave mumbles something about the door not being level. Katie is upset that he let her sleep. She wanted to have some time alone with Dave.

Kiss me…
Katie to Dave.

They both get a little frisky in the bedroom. They make out. It looks like they were pretending. They stop. Katie says that it never used to be so hard.

The next day, Carolyn is examining her breasts for tenderness. It’s an early sign of pregnancy. Carolyn thinks she is preggers. Palek looks concerned. Palek visits his mom. His mom tells him that she is going to sell the house. His mom says that Carolyn doesn’t like when he spends much time with her. There are some unaddressed issues. Palek tells his mom that his dad called him again. His parents are divorced. Palek hasn’t seen his dad in over 3 years. I don’t think Carolyn is pregnant. She has Palek get her a bunch of pregnancy tests. After a bunch of negatives, Carolyn says that she can’t do it anymore. Having a child or taking the tests?

Dave and Katie are at their son’s softball game. Jaime turns up to see Anja’s ex. She came to play softball. The ex goes home after the game even though Jaime hits on him again. She is giving him mixed signals. She wants to hook up with him, but he tells her that she isn’t over her ex and he isn’t over his.

Palek is working on Carolyn’s sister’s place. He takes the time to call his dad at the site to tell his dad’s machine that he doesn’t want to talk with him.

* * * * *

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