Chuck S01E03 (NBC)

This is the first show of the series Chuck to use it’s normal intro and song by Cake.

Chuck is set a challenge by Big Mike. He has to complete it to become assistant manager. Harry Tang doesn’t make things easier for him. Meanwhile Casey, Sarah and Chuck are hunting for an elusive arms dealer code named La Ciudad. Morgan is acting like a third wheel in Chuck’s relationship with Sarah. Ellie, Chuck’s sister, thinks that Sarah really likes him. Chuck is surprised to hear this.

Chuck’s team at BuyMore comes through for him. Chuck is successful at tango, thanks to Devon. I enjoyed this episode. Once again, the nerd is actually doing not so badly in his first mission. There is more going on between Sarah and Chuck than we though. Chuck’s abilities as the intersect are helping out national security. I recommend Chuck, it’s a good show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

We follow a famous painting of the beginning of the episode. A lot of people are shot because they comment on how ugly it is.

Chuck gets called into Big Mike’s office. He has to fix some old computers in order to be assistant manager. Sarah comes by. Sarah brings by some photos of the people killed for the painting. La Ciudad will be at the art auction tomorrow.

Sarah and Casey confer with their bosses. They want them to take Chuck with them to the auction. Morgan and Chuck’s sister are talking about Chuck’s place in the world. Chuck isn’t listening. Casey tells Chuck that he is going. The next day, Chuck is freaking out.

Chuck tells Sarah that he was expelled from Stanford because Bryce found a bunch of tests under his bed in his dorm. He summarily informed the administration and got expelled.

Chuck has to learn to tango for his mission. At the BuyMore, Chuck’s team is in trouble. His adversary Harry Tang brings in more computers to be repaired. The team is about to leave, but Morgan brings them together to do their job.

Casey was pulling Chuck’s leg about the tango. Chuck identifies La Ciudad almost immediately. Chuck meets someone from Stanford. Chuck sees through the computer in his head that his friend is guilty of insider trading.

Sarah makes contact with La Ciudad and gets taken away by him. Casey follows them. At the BuyMore, Morgan makes the mistake of moving a computer and locks himself in the stockroom. Chuck sees that in the frame of the painting, La Ciudad has implanted some radioactive material.

During the auction, Chuck gets approached by Malena. She asks him to tango. Casey and Sarah learn that the guys are MI6. Chuck gets a glimpse at a wound at Malena’s neck and figures out that Malena is La Ciudad.

Chuck is interrogated by La Ciudad. She interrogates him and finds out a bit of information before Casey and Sarah save him. La Ciudad is able to make a getaway. She wants Chuck dead and knows where he works.

Chuck learns of Morgan’s plight and goes to the BuyMore to fix some computers. He finishes in time and Big Mike is happy. La Ciudad’s goons show up at the BuyMore.

Sarah sees her walking by with a delivery. It’s a sniper gun. She takes position above Wienerlicious. Sarah moves in to disarm La Ciudad. Casey takes care of the goons and saves Chuck’s life.

Chuck’s sister Ellie says that Sarah is in to him.

* * * * *

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