Prison Break S03E04 (Fox)

This week’s episode was a stunner.

Scofield is still trying to orchestrate the escape. This time he has some plans and puts them into action. That’s pretty impressive since the company is putting a lot of pressure on him and Linc to succeed in this mission. We haven’t see Pad Man yet, but since they have all of the players contained, I wonder when we will see him again.

Whistler is finally working with Scofield, but still doubtful it’s going to succeed. Mahone is in total drug withdrawal and starts to hallucinate. Bellick gets into serious trouble with Lechero. He will be worse that the untouchables after this episode.

I can’t believe that Sara is dead. It’s really interesting to see these big developments in an American show. In my last post about Prison Break, I was reminded of Se7ven and the stunning ending. That movie ended with a box. Last episode ended with a box. Things weren’t looking up for our crew. When Linc finally opened the box, I didn’t like how we only saw his memory of this event. It would have been way more dramatic to see it live. What did he do with the head?

Susan is a real bitch, she’s lucky she didn’t get killed. Linc and Michael should have known that the company was playing for keeps. Then they would have played ball earlier.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Micheal isn’t getting far with the preparations for the escape. Linc is coming by to see Mike. He doesn’t tell him anything. He couldn’t because in the box was Sara’s head.

Susan is being a bitch. She knows about the book as well. Linc has to hand it over. Susan is lucky that Linc doesn’t kill her.

Lechero is still getting screwed by his man on the outside. The power gets turned off. Mahone starts hallucinating. He is getting sober quickly.

Whistler asks Sofia to look into the brothers. Lechero comes to Scofield about the power. He asks him if he can fix it. Scofield says that if Lechero gets him into the cell with the window, he will get the electricity back. Sofia comes by to see Linc. She wants to help. Sucre is about to leave for Columbia. Lechero plans on sending Scofield outside to fix the electricity.

Mahone is hallucinating Haywire. Bellick wants in on the dig. He thinks the escape is happening right away. Whistler is on the team.

Bellick tells on Scofield. He tells Lechero. Lechero doesn’t really care. Lechero is checking up on Michael anyway. Michael had placed the kid’s metal cross in a junction box to block the current. Lechero being there makes the situation harder, but not impossible for Michael. Power is restored, but the whole incident was created by Mike.

T-Bag kills one of the drug dealers working for Lechero. He fakes a drug overdose.

Linc tells Sofia and Sucre about Sara. Lechero calls on T-Bag about the drug dealer’s death. T-Bag is able to dodge the bullet. Sammy isn’t happy about this. T-Bag is on Lechero’s crew.

Michael actually went outside to fix the electrical fence. He needs it.

Susan kills the gravedigger because she thinks that he will sell them out. Linc isn’t happy. Mahone continues to hallucinate Haywire and gets some drugs from T-Bag. He uses them and finally calms down.

Bellick gets tortured with hot coffee on his back by Lechero for lying to him.

Mahone comes by to threaten Scofield. He’s just another junkie. Linc tells Mike that the new gravedigger is Sucre. Whistler receives a package from Susan. It’s the book.

Mike planned on using the spray used to kill the odor of decomposing bodies that the gravedigger uses to eat through the steel of the fence.

* * * * *

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