Kid Nation S01E04 (CBS)

The new CBS show continues to exploit some children. This time, they make sure to include a controversial topic like religion. As if it isn’t enough already living in the middle of nowhere, with no adults really in sight, the producers decide that kids should tackle the question of religion.

It doesn’t start well but it ends well, and there is some tolerance. Naturally most of the kids are Caucasians. There are a few token other ethnicities, but they are just a minority. The demographics suck. Most of the kids are Christian and most of them are close minded about religion. Anjay and a few Jewish kids make them see other religions probably for the first time in their lives.

I was really disturbed by how adult these kids try to behave. This doesn’t just happen in Bonanza City, but also in their homes. Cody has a girlfriend since the 3rd grade and he is crying about her. It’s really strange. I mean, when I was 10 I had other things on my mind than girlfriends. The 10 year olds of today are like the 15 year olds from the 80s and 90s. This also means that some kids will have been sexually active prior to coming to Bonanza City.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The kids start talking about religion. Some of them are ignorant. The book tells the council to hold a big general service or to split up according to their beliefs. They inform the town. The kids don’t think it’s a good idea. Olivia is dead against it, as are others. Some of the kids think that the council is letting the power go to their heads.

Alex is making a survey about people’s religions. The town ignores the council’s call for the service. Later at night, there is an impromptu service with only the kids who want one. It was instigated by Morgan. People are saying she deserves a gold star.

The yellow team slacks off continually. Green isn’t happy about it. It’s time for another showdown. It’s a puzzle and blue wins. Red is in second place. Everybody hates the yellow team and they win third place. Green is the laborer class. They won the reward. The kids have a choice between a mini golf set or a library or holy books. The council puts down to a vote. The kids want the holy books. Taylor is surprised. Anjay shows the other kids his faith.

Cody is 10 and is crying about his girlfriend. The yellow team isn’t doing anything. Laurel and Morgan confront her. Zack brings together a lot of different people from the other districts to do the dishes. None of the yellow team were there.

It starts to snow. During the town council, Taylor is trouble. Cody elects to go home. Morgan gets the gold star.

* * * * *

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