Reaper S01E03 (CW)

In this episode, Sam has to deal with his feelings for Andy. Sam is a bit of a whim and a procrastinator and he isn’t able to tell her how he feels. In fact, he takes every opportunity in rebuking her advances, which is just plain stupid. At least this character has some faults, which is redeeming.

The devil plays a few games on Sam. Sam has to endure them and figure out the new vessel. The new escaped soul involves insects and Sock isn’t too happy about this. More and more, Sam is taking initiative. Working for the devil is actually good for him. When Andy examines her situation after her father’s death, it causes Sam to examine his as well. Sam has been in standstill mode for some years.

This episode was alright. Once again, I have to compare it to the last Chuck episode, which just kicked ass. This Reaper show is still trying to find itself. Chuck is definitely more interesting and better written. Reaper is just more of a comedy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Everything that Sam puts in his mouth ends up covered in bugs. He has Sock feed him when Andy comes by and asks him out. He doesn’t want to go to a college lecture with her and have coffee with her afterwards. That was lame. He admits to Sock that he doesn’t want to spend the evening looking stupid.

The devil comes by and tells him to follow the bugs. He drops off the vessel. On the way to lunch, they follow an extermination van. They see a swarm of bugs attacking the exterminator. They tried helping him.

Sam missed his opportunity with Andy. She met a college guy and his hanging out with him the next day at the Work Bench. Sam should have gone to the lecture. The guy tells her to go back to college full time and quit the Work Bench. Sam is deluding himself.

Sock takes Sam to Josie’s office to get info on their perp through her computer. Bunsen died in 1972 and came back to kill some old ladies. They don’t see the connections yet. Sam opens the vessel and finds a toaster. They go to the apartment complex where they think they will find Bunsen. They take a bunch of power cords. Sock smashes the toaster but they see Bunsen and he commands the bugs.

Sam doesn’t want to be assistant manager. Neither does Andy. Andy tells Sam that she will no longer be working at the Work Bench. She is taking prerequisites to go back to college.

Bunsen talks to Sam at the Work Bench. He says that it was Gloria who killed everyone. Bunsen is surprised to find out that the old ladies are dead. He only talked to them. Bunsen says that she sees everything. In the background, we see a swarm of bees congregating. They make up a woman. The returned soul isn’t Bunsen but this Gloria.

Sam stocks up on bug spray and Sock turns up to help him. Sock earlier said that he couldn’t be involved with this capture. He is afraid of bugs. Sock helps Sam out and he decides to go to capture the soul. On the way out, Sam gives Andy a little pep talk about going back to college full time. She is freaking out. He gives her sound advice. Sam has known Andy for a while. She left college when her dad died.

When they arrive at Bunsen’s place, Sock runs into Gloria while Sam runs into Bunsen’s place. Sock sees that she is a hollow man, a creature composed of other living creatures.

The fixed toaster doesn’t function until Sam jams a hanger into it. They throw it like a trap and it captures the bees. Sam realizes that he should tell Andy how he feels. He runs to see her at college.

She tells him that the classes have been canceled for the whole semester. She says that she isn’t ready to go back. She needs more time. She wants everything to stay the same. Sam realizes that he can’t say anything about the way he feels without drastically changing their relationship.

* * * * *

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