Bionic Woman S01E03 (NBC)

For some reason, Jaime Sommers is drawn to Sarah Corvus. As the first bionic woman, Sarah knows a lot more about the bionics. The people at Berkut aren’t as willing to share that much information. In this episode, Jaime learns how to hack herself and turn off certain implants.

Jaime learns more about herself. She also learns that she is quite similar to Sarah in certain respects. Corvus has continued to upgrade her body until there isn’t much of the original left. My guess is that she suffers from a form of cyberpsychosis (a dissociative psychotic disorder brought on by having to many cybernetics implants). Also we learn in this episode that Sarah was somehow brought back to life after being dead by Dr. Anthros, Will’s father. Dr. Anthros designed and upgraded Sarah.

Another good episode from Bionic Woman. More is revealed about the agency and the bionics. I enjoyed seeing the interplay between Corvus and Sommers. I’m glad they changed the actress playing Becca.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jaime is sparring with Jae. Jae tells her that she can hack into her own programming. Jaime has lunch with her sister. Jonas phones her and gives her a mission.

Sarah is being diagnosed by the good doctor Anthros. She thinks that the bionics have changed her. No shit, she’s become more machine than woman. The doctor says he needs to examine Jaime Sommers in order to make her better.

Jaime isn’t happy about the GPS tracker in her brain. Jonas tells her that there is also a video camera. Jaime is assigned baby sitter duties on some Canadian backer of Berkut, the outfit that developed the bionics.

She is having a good time with her sister. Corvus is watching her. As she watches them, she is reminded of the incident that created her. Her sister died during the accident.

Becca is putting together a digital photo album about their family. Corvus makes her move. Since Jaime lowjacked (they have implanted a camera in her brain and use her bionic eye as a lens), Berkut is aware almost immediately of this. Corvus leaves and sets up a meeting point. Jaime wants to meet her and help her, even though she killed Will. Corvus isn’t doing so well.

Jaime drops Heaven off at Berkut. She talks with her handler and he informs her about the Anthony Anthros connection. Jaime is surprised to hear all this.

Sarah tells Jaime that a year ago, she was shot in the head by Jae. She died. Anthros revived her somehow. She wants Anthros to study her so that she can make her better.

Ruth has been running psychological tests on Heaven. Heaven is scared straight. Jaime continues babysitting Heaven. Corvus drops by. A few Serbian gangsters come by for Heaven. Jaime and Sarah take them out.

Sarah then coaches Jaime on how to disable the GPS and video camera in her brain. All she has to do is hack into herself. A form of ghosthacking I believe. Jaime refuses to go with her. Heaven is dropped off at her dad’s.

Anthros convinces Corvus to kill Becca. Corvus turns up at Jaime’s home. Jaime turns her Berkut surveillance back on to get rid of Sarah. She does this while Sarah threatens Becca. Corvus tells Jaime that Will orchestrated her candidacy into the bionic program, everything with him was fake.

* * * * *

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