Life S01E03 (NBC)

As much as I hated the last episode of Pushing Daisies, I really liked the latest Life episode. It’s just a top notch show, so different in it’s conception and execution then any other crime based series.

There are also parts of it that are completely ridiculous, yet believable in a strange manner. When the 500 pound Manny does a runner on Crews, star Damian Lewis runs after him like a bat out of hell. For some reason, Manny can run very fast. He isn’t just fat. Before doing a runner, he launched a few flashbang grenades at the police. Crews gets caught in a blast. When the grenade hits, the music is suddenly stopped and a strange ringing replaces it. Crews is confused, but starts to run anyways. It’s a really good sequence. I also liked it when Crews bought the supped up car from Fransisco.

Reese is also completely backing up her partner Crews, to the Lt. Davis’ surprise. Davis just wants to get rid of Crews. Crews continues to investigate the case that got him 12 years in prison. This is another great episode from Life, I really recommend it. The murder case was also interesting.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Crews is at a new murder scene and uses his uncanny detective skills to find the driver of the car. The driver is hallucinating. He thinks that Crews is a valet at a club, while they are in a wooded ravine.

The husband of the victim is the driver and he doesn’t remember a lot. He’s concussed. They don’t get much out of him.

Early sees a coyote at the house. He freaks out. Crews thanks Ames, the detective who put him away. He tells him that Rachel was in the house, the night it happened. This was the murder that he was falsely convicted of. She was at a sleep over, but that was a lie.

Crews and Reese continue questioning Stillman. They retraced Stillman’s steps thanks to the GPS system. The Stillmans stopped at a gas station and got carjacked by a large tattooed Latino man. Stillman recounts the events. He says that the Latino man was the one who shot his wife.

They find Manny, he does a runner. Even after being stunned by a flashbang grenade, Charlie Crews runs after Manny and corners him thanks to Reese.

Stillman can’t or won’t make the ID. Crews thinks that Stillman could have hired Manny to kill his wife.

Constance Griffiths comes by the station. She comes by to tell Crews to lay off Ames. It violates the terms of his settlement with the LAPD. The badge and the money are contingent on him complying.

For some reason, Crews has discovered that Rachel was removed from the report by the lead detective Ames.

Jennifer Connover is Charlie’s ex-wife. After she divorced him, she remarried and has had children. Crews bought a supped up custom made car from the garage that pointed him to Manny. Crews takes the opportunity to stop Mark’s car again. He is the one who is married to his ex-wife. Crews tries to find out information about Rachel from his ex, but she doesn’t want to.

Manny pulls a stunt in interrogation. Reese lies for Crews about pulling a knife. Reese and Crews think that the husband isn’t telling them everything. Stillman admits to not fighting off Manny. He told Manny that he had money at his home. He was too scared to do anything. His wife went for the gun.

They use Fransisco as a trap to make Manny reveal exactly what he did to Stillman.

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