Survivor China S15E04 (CBS)

Jean-Robert believes that his strategy is working out pretty well. He thinks that Courtney still has a target painted on her back. Zhang Hu discovers that most of their rice has gone bad. Dave continues to nag his tribe.

Sherea and Dave get into a heated argument over little things at camp. Sherea says that she isn’t going to let Dave run over him. Dave talks with Frosti. Frosti thinks that Dave’s situation is precocious. In private, Frosti calls him Crazy Dave. The two tribes will go to tribal council.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Fei Long act like idiots once again and sit out Courtney for the reward challenge. They lost the last immunity challenge because of Courtney. Fei Long wins reward. They get a fisherman and his family to come by the next morning. He will teach them how to fish and cook them a feast. They decide to kidnap Dave.

Todd thinks that Dave is a nutcase. He befriends him and it pays off. Dave gives him the clue to the immunity idol. The Zhang Hu tribe is basking in his absence. Sherea is happy, but Frosty notices that there is a lot more work at camp. Sherea doesn’t do anything. Sherea says that she is conserving energy for the challenges.

Zhang Hu is surprised to hear that Jean-Robert is almost fluent in Mandarin. He lived in Taiwan when he was younger. Aaron and Denise learn how to fish. The fisherman has trained fishing birds to help them catch fish.

Fei Long wins immunity once again, thanks to James and Todd.

Back at camp, Dave immediately starts bossing his tribe around. He has a target painted on his back. Dave makes a pitch to PG and Eric. Jaime thinks that Dave is annoying and that Sherea doesn’t do a lot around camp. Frosti thinks that Dave should go. Durin tribal council, no one comes out and says it, but Sherea is a goner. They are sending her lazy ass packing, “you know what I’m saying dude”?

In the votes, I’m surprised to see that they decide to get rid of Dave’s bossy ass. Like Eric said, if they could have gotten rid of both of them they would have.

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