Tim’s Story Part II

That is Tim. He is five years old.

Today I saw Tim again. It’s almost been a week since I last saw him because of Double 10 Day (雙十節) in Taiwan. They say that Double 10 Day is the birthday of their country. A few really minor countries have recognized Taiwan a country. Taiwan has not been part of the UN since 1971.

Tim is a really cute and cuddly boy. I wonder why anyone would want to beat the shit out of him all the time. His Taiwanese homeroom teacher has adjusted her abuse treatments of him. She now twists his arms until he screams or pinches him extremely hard on the neck. Both methods make him cry. I’ve seen it happen a few times. Every time I teach him actually.

Today wasn’t so bad. Tim got a few whacks on his legs, but that was it. The other major target of this abusing teacher is five year old Cindy. Today Cindy got about ten hard whacks on the hands and another 5 on the legs. She had tears in her eyes because of the pain.

The other teacher of this class told me that he almost left on Tuesday. He couldn’t take it anymore. During his class, Cindy was talking to him about her family. She likes him. The abusing teacher thought that she was talking out of turn and wasting time, so she yanked hard at Cindy’s hair. Her head dropped to the floor. The foreign teacher was livid. I understand. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen her twist Tim’s little forearms in her big hands until he cried. The surprising thing to me is that Tim is dressed in expensive clothing. I guess that he must also get the same medicine at home. This is usually happens in cases like this. Cindy has told me that she gets beaten and punished at home. This comes from a five year old’s mouth.

One of the reasons why Tim has trouble concentrating is this circle of abuse that he is in. Soon he will disconnect and act out all the time, just to be able to free himself of the pain. He has already been acting less focused. When he gets a beating, it doesn’t faze him anymore. He just goes back to doing what he does. He’s accepted that he gets beaten and hurt by teachers and just goes on. I wonder what his mom would say about this. I am curious about meeting them and talking to them about this. There is nothing I can do really about Cindy. She gets beaten at home and beaten at school. At least it’s not as bad as Tim. Tim really gets the shit kicked out of him, day in day out. I’m just surprised he’s not become catatonic and regressed and retreated completely from the world.

* * * * *

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