Heroes S02E03 (NBC)

Hiro is in the past and can’t come home. He manages to send a message. We see Niki and Micah again. Niki wants to rid herself of Jessica. Claire discovers that West can fly. Mohinder is back in New York.

I’m not surprised that Niki wants to get rid of her powers. I’m surprised that she goes to see the company to help her out. Mohinder hasn’t seen her yet. Hiro can’t come home. Will he ever be back? Yes because we saw his future self.

As always, this is an excellent Heroes episode. I wonder what the major plotlines will be in this book. We know that this chapter will end before the end of the season. Maya is coming to see Mohinder, but what will he be able to do for her. Heroes asks a lot of questions, while giving a slow trickle of answers.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Irish gang wants Peter to help them in an armed robbery. He overhears one of the lads planning to take the money for himself with his telepathic powers.

Alejandro and Maya are in Mexico. Alejandro tries to steal a car in daylight and gets caught.

Niki and Micah are in Las Vegas. They are about to move away. They move to New Orleans, Louisiana. Niki drops him off at his grandma’s place and leaves.

Silar is on a beach in Maui with a girl named Michelle. It’s Candace in a new form. She saved him from Kirby Plaza. After eight surgeries, Silar is doing better. Silar is actually in a room. The rest was an illusion by Michelle.

Claire is reading Dr. Suresh’s book that West dropped while spying on her. She confronts West at school.

Parkman finds Mohinder back home. Molly is happy to see him.

Ando is back as his desk job. He looks at Kensei’s sword and finds an inscription that says “Ando, open!”. It’s a message from Hiro. Kensei doesn’t react well to discovering that he can heal all wounds.

Peter is trying to work his powers but they aren’t completely under his control yet.

In the past, Kensei is experimenting with his powers. Hiro shows him his powers. Hiro has to transport Kensei to attack the 90 Angry Ronin, sworn to protect the Fire Scroll. In the Kensei legends, he got the Fire Scroll. After a ferocious battle, Kensei comes back with the Fire Scroll. Hiro can’t teleport away, so he has to stay in the past.

West makes an ass of himself in Claire’s class. West shows her his flying abilities. They have a good time together. They make out. He tells her a story about a guy with horn rimmed glasses. Claire knows it’s her dad.

Mohinder’s new lab is located in Isaac Mendez’ old loft. It was built for him by the company. Mohinder isn’t happy to learn that he will be supervised. Niki arrives to be cured by the company. Mohinder phones Bennett and looks for the paintings. He finds the last of the series. It shows Bennett shot dead through the eye. Claire is in the painting as well. She arrives when he looks at the image. She has a strange look in her eyes.

Maya is trying to get her brother out of jail. She sees her wanted poster and tells them that they are murderers. She does so to trigger her powers. She comes to get Alejandro out of jail. The American in jail with Alejandro asks them to go with them. He says he has a car.

The lad betrays the gang. He shoots Peter. Peter uses a Force Choke Hold to almost kill him. Peter becomes one of the gang.

Silar can’t use his powers. Silar attacks her and wants to steal her powers. Silar is in the middle of nowhere.

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