K-Ville S01E04 (Fox)

A temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Cobb makes a critical mistake and Boulet has to bail him out of trouble.

The new partnership almost ends when Boulet thinks that Cobb is reverting to convict behavior.

The owner of a local club is found dead. The detectives start investigating and unravel a web of mystery. A shroud surrounds Mary McDonald. In the end, the real person emerges, hidden beneath layers of obfuscation. Why was McDonald so secretive about her past? Her trail starts in New Orleans five years ago.

Another good episode for K-Ville. Boulet is finally able to make peace with Charlie, his old partner who deserted him in post-Katrina chaos. Charlie will join the force again, but without Boulet as a partner. Just like The Closer, this police detective series is well scripted and has surprising twists. It’s not on the same level as The Closer, but still enjoyable.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Cobb finds some hidden money and is cleaning it up in the past. In the present, he is watching a woman. She is Sonny’s wife. Sonny was his cellmate. He died when the prison was flooded. Cobb wants to drop off some money. He tells his wife that Sonny won this money gambling the night he got caught. He tells her that he was a guard at OPP and knew Sonny.

Mary McDonald was murdered voodoo style. She is the owner of a hot night spot. Marlin thinks that the crime scene has been staged. McDonald arrived 5 years ago in New Orleans. She paid cash for the club and her house.

A few people of the old cops who deserted come by. The chief is giving them a chance. Charlie is there and asks for Marlin’s help, but Marlin doesn’t really want to help him. Charlie was Marlin’s old partner who deserted him in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Cobb and Boulet go through the deceased’s apartment. Cobb notices that she isn’t settled in. It looks like she was on the run from something. They find some love letters hidden in the toilet’s water tank and a .38. One of the voodoo shops sold one of the voodoo paraphernalia to one of the DJ’s at Mary’s club.

He does a runner. Boulet chases the perp and it turns out that the he is a she. After a long chase, they nail her. Sam says that she hooked up with Mary.

There was an article written by a journalist. He found out that she was paying for people’s bills. They find out that Mary McDonald has been dead for almost 20 years. The new deceased stole her identity.

They found out that the Jane Doe was a battered woman. They find a woman with matching initials from the letters.

The money Trevor gave Sonny’s widow was traced back to her. She gets pulled into the station. The money was from a bank robbery. Cobb sets up her alibi. Or at least he tries to. Marlin knows that something is up. He tells Cobb that after this case he has to give himself up. Either he does or Marlin will do it for him.

Jane Doe is Alison Beatrice. Her ex-husband is in town on vacations. He is in town with his new family. Mrs. Beatrice is informed about what her husband has done. She looks like another battered woman. His alibi with his wife falls apart. Phil listens on and looses his temper.

Afterwards Cobb tells Embry that he gave the money to Sonny’s widow. Marlin walks in and confesses to giving it to the wife. Embry thinks that Marlin is having an affair with Sonny’s widow. Embry is going to tell the feds that Sonny gave her the money.

Boulet makes up with his ex-partner after reading his statement.

* * * * *

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