Californication S01E10 (Showtime)

Hank has lost the only copy of his new novella.

Guess whose got a copy?

Mia is doing as I thought she would. She is passing off the novella as her own. Charlie is now Hank’s new roommate. He wants to get laid and that will create a lot of problems for both of them. Dani tries to renegotiate her firing with Charlie, who agrees to keep her on for a short while. Dani admits that the affair with Marcy is over and that it didn’t work out.

Hank hasn’t found his new Porsche or his novella. This episode continues to create new problems for Hank. At first he wasn’t able to write. When he was able to write, he looses his novella. It’s just frustrating being Hank. Hank doesn’t seem to mind that much. I liked this episode. It was really good. I just wonder when Hank will realize that Mia has his novella and will publish it with Dani. I recommend Californication.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

I forgot to mention at the end of last week’s episode, Hank got carjacked. The only copy of his new novella was in the car and the carjackers didn’t let him take it with him. Hank doesn’t know that Mia has made a copy.

Hank wakes up and finds Charlie using his boxing bag. Charlie wants to go to the gym. At Charlie’s office, Dani wants to stay. She tells him she wants to be an agent. They discuss things and Charlie is willing to give it a try. For some reason I think that Mia is trying to see Charlie and will try to pass Hank’s new novella as her own. It’s bad for Hank. He doesn’t have any copy of his new novella. It’s a writer’s worst nightmare.

At the gym, Hank gets beaten up by a girl. He slept with her and didn’t call. She is taking out a lot of aggression on him.

Dani reads Mia’s novella. She likes it. Mia is most definitely passing it off as her own writing. Dani and Mia are talking about her “novella”. Mia feels a bit bad for ripping Hank off. In the end, he gives the novella to Dani to market and sell.

Charlie and Hank meet Marcy and Karen outside a bar. They go different directions. Charlie tells Hank that the girl who beat him up wants to come by. Later in his apartment, Hank apologizes to the girl. She is upset that he doesn’t remember him. Charlie tells Hank that the girl wants a threesome. Hank isn’t interested. Charlie convinces him.

Marcy tells Karen that she is completely over Dani. Marcy spills the beans about the ring that Hank bought for Karen. Marcy wants to go back to the way things were with Charlie. Karen asks Marcy if Hank really bought her the ring. She says yes. They go to Hank’s apartment. They do not know that Hank, Charlie and the girl from the gym are having a threesome. They see too much information. They see the girl ejaculates in Charlie’s face. Marcy runs away.

Karen and Hank are talking outside about the ring. Karen says that she has serious doubts about the marriage. Hank wants her to postpone the marriage, but Karen hasn’t made up her mind yet. Karen leaves when gym girl comes out. Charlie wasn’t able to talk with Marcy, she just ran.

* * * * *

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