Cane S01E02 (CBS)

As much as I enjoyed the pilot, in retrospect I wonder how good it truly was. The second episode of Cane is a bit of a letdown. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Does that mean it sucked? I don’t think so, but this show is trying to find itself. It’s a mix with different premises. It’s a bit of Dynasty mixed in with The Sopranos.

The big intrigue in this series is how the Duques will be able to maneuver around the Samuels in the sugar refining field. The big thing about sugar refining is ethanol, which can be used as a fuel source. The Samuels are good ol’ boys. The Duques are Cuban Americans. Things are starting to heat up, especially since Pancho, the Duque patriarch, gave control of the company to his adopted son Alex Vega over his natural sons Frank and Henry.

For some reason, Frank is sleeping with Alice Samuels and is actively betraying his family. He doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets some sex from Alice. Henry runs a nightclub. This episode was a lot less interesting than the pilot. I wonder if the show will get better in the next few episodes. I don’t recommend it anymore. I suggest finding something better to watch.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Alex is celebrating becoming CEO of the Duque company. Frank makes up with Alex on the factory floor. The guy Miguel that killed Quinonez at the party last time tries to blackmail Alex. He isn’t happy. Alex goes to see Santo. Santo says that he will make everything right.

Frank and Henry talk about a VIP lounge for Henry’s club. Alex plans on spending 100 million on an ethanol factory. He wants half of it subsidized by the government.

Alice makes her report to her dad about the government subsidy.

Pancho has to explain himself to his wife about choosing Alex to take over the family business.

Santo talks with Miguel. He warns him to back off. Miguel isn’t happy.

Alex is opening the swag he is receiving from competitors and they get a live scorpion. His wife is stung by it. Alex knows that Miguel sent the scorpion to his house. He roughs him over a bit and threatens him.

Alex talks with Santo about the scorpion. Santo says that it’s a curse. Santo wants to bring over his mom from Cuba. Alex says that he will get Santo’s family out of Cuba.

Frank is talking to Alice about Alex’s presentation to the senator. He tells her that Alex has some kind of partnership going on with Chevrolet. The senator was impressed. Alex explains his plan to his partners in the family. Frank isn’t happy. Alex makes a good play. Santo is looking for Miguel. Miguel is already at the Samuels’ and telling all.

The next day Samuels meets with Vega. He wants Vega to back off.

Alex’s daughter Katie is indulging in some pills at her uncle’s club. Isabelle turns up as well. She is surprised to see her mother.

Alex meets with Samuels and doesn’t back down form the ethanol plant. Quinonez is buried on the Samuels’ land. The cops are looking into it already. All they find is a dead pig buried in a grave.

Frank is back with Alice on his yacht.

Santo takes care of Miguel. Vega plans on sending Miguel back to Cuba.

Vega gets good news from the senator. The Duques get the ethanol subsidy of 50 million dollars. Santos plans on dumping the body in the Everglades. He baits some gators to eat the body.

Alex has a talk with his eldest son Jaime about his enrollment in the army.

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