Eureka S02E12 (Scifi)

This is the first part of the season finale. This story has been building since the beginning of the season. It involves the artifact and Allison’s son Kevin. In some way, Kevin bonded with the artifact. There is some technical mumbo jumbo about this, but what it means is that Kevin is going to die if his connection with the artifact isn’t severed. While he is in contact, he has access to strange knowledge derived from what the people at GD call the Akashic Field.

Carter has problems dealing with the fact that in this reality, he isn’t married to Allison. In the previous one, he was married to Allison. He had these memories erased by Henry, but they have started creeping back into his memory.

Meanwhile he is involved with Callie. Joe is dating Zane. Joe is hot when she isn’t in uniform. Zoe is dating Lucas. Yeah!

Eureka still remains a comedy in most aspects. Carter always has the knack of finding the truth, no matter how complicated it might seem in the beginning. There is also good news from Scifi. Eureka has been renewed for a third season. I recommend this show, it’s light and entertaining.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Zoe is studying for her exams with her boyfriend Lucas. Carter is about to leave with Callie. Zoe wants to have a few people over while Carter is away.

Stark is continuing with tests on Kevin.

A statue in Eureka is turned into gold.

Allison is stalling Carter with bureaucracy. She knows that if he gets too much information, he will piece together what she is doing with Kevin. Once again, Carter asks for Beverly’s GD file. Stark tells Allison to give it to him.

Jo and Carter talk about Zoe’s planned slumber party which involves boys. Jo offers to be a chaperone. Carter finds the cleaner but it doesn’t turn up anything. As they leave, we see that the cleaner’s tools turn to gold.

Stark has requested the transfer Beverly, who has been in DoD custody for a while. Stark found Beverly in Guantanamo Bay. He wants Allison to question her first. It was part of the deal Stark did with the DoD.

Zoe’s bracelet has turned to gold. Carter gets a call from Vincent at Café Diem. Some things inside the café have turned to gold. The statue is being eroded.

They want to get info from Beverly, but she isn’t talking too much.

Carter and Jo go to find Rudolf the cleaner. Carter gets a timeline from Henry and figures out that Lucas is behind the initial contagion. It leads back to the artist Christopher.

Christopher reveals that it’s the Alchemist’s Curse that is behind the mutations in the metals. A lot of civilizations have fallen because of it. They call Stark. With Henry they figure out a possible solution.

Henry makes his way to Beverly. She tells him that Kevin is connected to the artifact. He is the receiver. He is connected to the Akashic Field, all of the knowledge in the universe.

Kevin solves the problem. Allison gives it to Stark. GD is about to fall apart. Stark completes the formula and synthesizes an antibody. He tests it on Zoe’s bracelet. It works.

Allison volunteers Carter for a critical mission he doesn’t want to do. He has to save Fargo. He is successful in deploying the antibody.

Henry thinks that the virus has mutated again and starts attacking the iron in people’s bodies. Henry says that he has already told Allison and Stark. Carter has to take care of the town. Henry has freed Beverly and makes a visit to Allison. Carter discovers that Henry lied and didn’t tell anyone.

Allison, Henry, Kevin and Beverly are transported underground while Stark and Carter look on.

* * * * *

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