Eureka S02E13 (Scifi)

This is the second part of the season finale of Eureka.

Pretty much everything is explained, except the true nature of the strange artifact. Henry surprises everyone with his way of dealing with things. Allison is most definitely a lot closer to Stark than previously. I don’t think that Carter will be able to salvage this.

I liked the season finale. It answers some questions, but not all. It leaves room for the next season. I just wonder if they are ever going to truly explore the nature of the artifact. It reminds me of Excession of Iain M. Banks, an Outside Context Problem. It’s good news then that the series has been renewed for another season, it’s third.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Henry says that he is here for Kevin. Stark becomes acting director of GD while Allison is incommunicado. Stark is on a time crunch. Carter is pissed that Stark acted by himself. Beverly was responsible for Kim’s death, not Stark.

Carter, Star and Taggart go back inside GD. They have been warned that the GD facility will be destroyed if they don’t get the pathogen under control. Beverly works for a consortium of people who have the world’s best interest at heart. They want to take Kevin, but Allison doesn’t want to.

Fargo wants to use Sarah to keep in contact with the team. He is successful with Zane’s help. Stark falls into a crevice and ruptures his suit. He has to get treatment immediately.

At GD Henry gets access to the teleportation device. He forces Allison’s hand. Zane triggers the defense mode of the mainframe. It starts shooting at the team. They disable it but something else is after them now.

Carter discovers that the whole escapade was a hoax by Henry.

Fargo’s voice is sampled by the mainframe and it tries to dupe the survivors at GD. Stark figures out what Henry is planning to do. Send Kevin through the teleportation device. It will separate him from the Akashic Field. However Kevin’s DNA has been changed by the artifact. Stark doesn’t think it will work. Stark and Carter are being cooked by a microwave defense. Jo thinks about lying to the mainframe by giving it false vital signals. This stops the microwave defense.

Allison pounces on Beverly and takes her out. Henry has something to tell her and Kevin asks his mom to listen. Henry tells Allison about the teleportation device. Beverly attacks Henry. Carter and Stark walk in and diffuse the situation. Stark says that they have to send Kevin through the teleportation device. They use both genetic profiles to filter out any connection with the Akashic Field.

They are successful. Beverly uses the teleportation device to get away. Stark wants Allison back.

Henry is arrested.

* * * * *

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